• Fri, Nov 16 2012

Gallery: A Frame-By-Frame Analysis Of Nicki Minaj’s New Perfume Ad

Nicki Minaj has a new perfume out, and you know what that means: as with all celebrity perfumes, she was contractually obligated to make a mystical, magical, nonsensical commercial. So she did, Nicki style. To be honest, I think Nicki kind of phoned it in on this one (what, no monsters or cartoon Goth scenery?), maybe because Lady Gaga already made a crazy cinematic perfume ad and she didn’t want to be accused of copying her. But Nicki at 5 is as good as most people at 11, so let’s do her the honor of figuring out what the heck is going on here.

(Via The Cut)

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  • Nancy

    That’s an ugly perfume bottle

    • Nancy is dumb.

      Maybe to you. So Shut the fuck up, and grow up! hatin on Nicki cause she is better than you. like are you Kindin?

  • I’m with Nancy.

    Exaggerated and yes. A bulky shape bottle to have perfume in. P.S. it’s called an “opinion” for which everyone is entitled to. So you. Should stop the “hatin’”.