Retro Snap: Who Is This Comically Perfect Man?

Okay, just admire this for a second, and see if you can recognize him. It’s Friday afternoon, I just want to give you something nice, and pretty, and gentle, like a picture of this perfect man.

marlon brando

It’s Marlon Brando. It’s Marlon Brando with an adorable cat on his shoulders, okay? I mean, more Marlon Brando circa The Wild Ones than The Godfather, so I’m not saying that Marlon Brando would always be the perfect man, but still. But still. Also, did you know Marlon Brando was in Don Juan DeMarco? Is this weird and surprising to anyone other than me?

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    • Bastet

      Sorry, thought it was my ex. But he was gay- so don’t always fall for the well dressed guy wearing a cat as a boa. Unless he ages into a very fat, heterosexual male.

    • MR

      Well Faye Dunaway looked great. I think she has aged nicely and looked as lovely in the re-make of ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’. Another great movie.