What You’re Saying About The Fiscal Cliff

Some of you are worried. Some of you, less so:

[Image via NickatNite]

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    • MR

      Cosby, as Bill in ‘Fat Albert’ (a ’70s inner-city Philadelphia story) vs his time living in Brooklyn Heights as a Doctor (enjoying the fruits of Reaganomics). And what exactly is the Fiscal Cliff? It’s a $600 billion vs a $400 billlion fiscal drag on the US economy over 10 years – the former could slide us back into a recession. Hopefullly level heads will prevail.

      • MR

        Potential clarification (?): That’s $600 billion vs $400 billion “a year” over 10 years. Obama closes some of the latter with $160 billion a year over 10 years, with taxes on the rich. The Republican Speaker is currently balking.