Toddlers In Bikinis Modeling For Chinese Auto Show

toddlers bikini car show china

Sorry all of your news today is “age inappropriate things are going on in China” but toddlers are now modeling in bikinis for auto shows in the 2012 Chutian Automobile Culture Festival.

Watching a toddler in a bikini stroke a car seductively is probably the most off-putting thing I can imagine, so I’m always fascinated in the mentality that means that anyone would think this was a good idea. Fortunately, Zhang Ping, general manager of the event’s organizers, 7-Wind Model Costume Co, has released a statement via China Daily saying:

The goal was purely to help the children “boost their courage” and no organization or individual made money from the show.

“If you type the key words ‘children’ and ‘bikini’ into an Internet search engine, you’ll find tens of thousands of results for child bikini contests,” she said on Sunday. “It’s natural for kids to wear bikinis and other things they like.”

She said only two 5-year-olds wore bikinis, both with the permission of their parents.

Huh. Interesting. The first thing I find comes up when I type “bikini children” into google (and I felt dirty just doing so) are a lot of articles calling Liz Hurley‘s bikini line for children “inappropriate.” So the sentiment seems to be that bikinis for toddlers are inappropriate to begin with, let alone bikini-clad toddlers prancing about at auto shows. The public sentiment does not seem to be “who doesn’t love a toddler bikini pageant?” as Zhang Ping seemed to think.

I take it their mentality was “confused.”

As for teaching children courage – well, there are a lot of things I think teach children courage. Like, I don’t know, teaching them to stand up to bullies. To speak up when they know something is wrong. Lots of things! Throwing children into an environment where women are typically extremely sexually objectified to begin with and then telling a five year old to stroke a car seductively while wearing a (parent approved) bikini just strikes me as… not something that “teaches courage” really.

Because it is clearly a terrible idea.

Picture via Offbeat China

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    • Shevonne


    • mm

      That picture on its own is just disturbing. The rest of it is even worse.

    • anya

      i dont think there is anything wrong with toddlers wearing bikinis from the perspective of it not covering them up enough. If you only use that excuse it seems to me that you are the ones sexualizing them by not seeing them as babies. I live in Europe and I frequently see toddlers at the beach completely naked, I don’t really see an issue with that. However, If
      the company is taking further steps to sexualize them and not just sticking them in a bikini, then that is definetly wrong. don’t necessarily think that one picture proves anything as it could’ve been the only inadvertently inappropriate snapshot of the whole show

      • anna

        i don’t think the problem is not being covered, but sexualizing what covers them. bikinis are sexy, an excuse for women to be practically naked in public. toddlers are babies. it’d be the same as toddlers posing in lacy lingerie, covered, yes, but still looking too adult for their age.

      • Sendman

        I thing, at this age, of stupid desperate housewives emancipation, it’s realy normal killing people around the world, deep social differences, brainless american consumer culture, but not to see kids in bathing suites with cars! Why? Are you sure so spoony? Do you really don’t know, why governments organized hunts to imaginary pedo-something? You know, gradation of power only. And you, sheeps, you can go crazy of this. Shame on you!

    • Name

      Someone in the marketing dept calling the shots is clearly a pedophile. The picture is disturbing and weird on every level.

    • sweetpea

      @930419b29a06e70588926f8114e03ec4:disqus Kids wearing bikinis or nothing at all, at the beach is one thing. Having them wear bikinis at a car show, where, as the writer said, GROWN WOMEN are sexualized when they hang off the cars, is completely wrong, regardless of the pose. She could have been standing there sucking her thumb, it still would have been creepy. And how does having a child posing beside a car give her confidence anyway??

    • ShanghaiExpat

      There are so many sick pedophiles in this world, why would any parent want to take the chance to prance around their precious child in a provocative pose? That parent is irresponsible. I agree that something must be wrong with the marketing person who promoted this.

    • Andrea Kepler

      That guy is a pedo, plain and simple. He’s using that courage bit s an excuse to get his rocks off!

    • Anonymousgirl

      There should be a crime protecting kids. Why hasn’t some stepped in? This is able as kiddy porn. there are tons of websites that sell pictures like this to pedophiles, so china is now selling kiddy porn to the public disguised as a car commercial?