Shopping Guide: Potbelly-Friendly Thanksgiving Dresses

Thanksgiving is about two things: trying not to argue with your family and eating your face off. Sometimes those overlap!

Oh, it’s also about pretty autumn colors like cranberry, pumpkin, wines and plums. Here, we have assembled a gallery of under $300 Thanksgiving dresses (with a wide range of prices) that are nice enough for a formal dinner occasion but forgiving enough to account for that delicious third helping of stuffing. Please note that if you’re not embarrassed of your Thanksgiving potbelly, by all means buy a bodycon dress and own it.

For the rest of us–who go a little too overboard–here’s a handy guide to empire waists, generous cuts and shirt dresses with removable belts.

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    • Cee

      I don’t need these dresses for just Thanksgiving. I need them for my pot bellied life!

    • Alexandra

      I have to wear something like that every time I go out to eat! Everything makes me bloat and look pregnant, especially products with gluten or other processed carbs ): Some of those dresses wouldn’t work though, I’m talking about the tighter ones here.

    • MR

      You got me confused, but granted I’m a guy. My new woman friend, hopefully soon to be my new girlfriend, has a figure that would fit nicely into all thoses dresses in your photo above. But all three of those dresses look like they fit a woman with a normal weight. Yeah, maybe a little bit skinny, but definately not leaning a little heavy.