Shelved Dolls: Julie d’Aubigny – The Lady Duelist Who Dug Up A Dead Nun And Set Her On Fire (With Bonus Topless Photos)

julie d'aubigny

Did I reveal too much about Julie d’Aubigny in the title? No, I don’t believe I did.

I stumbled onto this woman last week when I was researching Hot Stuff Guys Used to Do, of which, obviously, the number one thing is dueling. Dueling was huge for . . . really all of history, right up until the Civil War, when people realized that young people getting killed for no real reason was actually not so great after all. I don’t know how much they focus on this in Lincoln, because I have not seen the movie, but I’m sure dueling receives its own 20 minutes, right?  However, I digress! For a while the activity was so accepted that  dueling was considered almost essential to a man’s character. I really like this quote, in particular, from a 19th century Irishman:

“A duel was indeed considered a necessary part of a young man’s education . . .When men had a glowing ambition to excel in all manner of feats and exercises they naturally conceived that manslaughter, in an honest way (that is, not knowing which would be slaughtered), was the most chivalrous and gentlemanly of all their accomplishments. No young fellow could finish his education till he had exchanged shots with some of his acquaintances. The first two qualifications always asked as to a young man’s respectability and qualifications, particularly when he proposed for a lady wife, were ‘What family is he of? And ‘Did he ever blaze?’ ”

blazing saddles duel

Like in Blazing Saddles, but with less comedy and musical numbers.

So, men were just blazing left and right for hundreds of years. It was, as I have already established, just one of the hot things that guys did. But what about the ladies? Who were the lady duelists? And what were they doing it in? I am asking you that last question because a not safe for work photograph is coming right at you!

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    • Lisa

      “Watch yourself.” Hahaha, Jennifer Wright, this is amazing.

    • hmhque

      I LOVE when you pick women I’ve never heard of! A fascinating life for sure.

    • Somnilee

      I thought you covered Le Maupin before, under badass of the week?

    • JennyWren

      Damn cool. Why is there not a film about her? I might not be up to dueling anyone, but I would watch the shit out of that film.

      • Tania

        Totally agree. Or a TV series!

    • Scarlett

      As a former history major, and a (still) history buff, I love this chick and I’ve never heard of her!!!! Oh Jennifer please please PLEASE find a publisher! These are so much fun to read and I LOVE THEM! I dont wanna duel topless but it sounds like fun to watch.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Me wants book deal.

    • Alma

      Wow I love her!
      high five to you and your awesomeness Jennifer

    • MR

      Yeah, I had no idea women did this when men were doing this. I was trying to think of some film where there was a duel between women. Then I got one: ‘The Mummy Returns’, when Rachel Weisz has her Neferetiri flashback. Now for a guy that duel was badass.

    • Elle

      Best story in this serious by far! What a woman!