• Tue, Nov 20 2012

Lady Gaga Sexily Grinding In Cake On The Floor

Terry Richardson can’t photograph people without it being at least 50% uncomfortable for viewers and Lady Gaga has to maintain at least a 7.5 on the bizarreness scale. So, in order to outdo themselves, the recent project between the pair had to be extra weird and gross and dirty. The preview for this involves Gaga rolling around while sexily lip syncing. In cake.

The sneak-peek is not exactly pleasant to watch, as it mostly made me feel like taking a shower and refusing any baked good that requires frosting that’s offered to me. Each second-long shot is unpleasant in its own way, from Gaga briefly dragging her ass on the floor like a dog (in cake), to the last shot in which she’s just turned around, wearing a thong while bouncing up and down in a hot tub, to picking up some of it off the floor and licking it. You know, so people can use phrases like “finger licking good” in order to describe it.

But it’s not “finger-lickin’ good,” guys. It’s floor cake. Floor cake is gross and should never be eaten off of anything, even fingers, because it was once on the floor. In any case, enjoy the video:

[E! Online]

Photo: DrJays

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