Miley Cyrus Chopped Off Even More Of Her Hair

Though it pains us to admit, we now live in a world where the fluctuations of Miley Cyrus‘ hair have become bonafide news. Granted, as a fashion and beauty site, this is exactly the kind of loveable nonsense we’re supposed to take (half) seriously. Though that fact doesn’t make this any easier for us (spiritually).

Last time around, Miley Cyrus chopped off her hair and the people of Twitter lost their minds. People tweeted that she looked awesome, that she looked like shit, that she looked punk rock, that she looked like a lesbian. Cyrus, to her credit, owned it and reminded everyone that it’s her hair and she’s the only one who should give a damn.

Anyway, she apparently went a step further recently, because she unveiled a new even shorter cut this week in New York City. It’s more extreme and a little less playful than its previous incarnation (with the choppy, lopsided longer sections).

Here’s a side view:

We’re not crazy about her haircut (but, as Cyrus says, it really doesn’t matter, does it?). However, the friendless Depeche Mode-loving goth teenager inside of us is really coveting her blue-on-black outfit. Where’d you get that fuzzy half sweater, Miley?

(Photos via Pacific Coast News)

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    • Lauren

      If she would let the sides and back grow a little bit so it wasn’t a fade, I think it would be better, but it just looks not well thought out now.

    • L. McD

      She should really just chop it all but the bangs and rock “the pineapple” that was so popular w/ the boys when I was in middle school. I think that is the only logical next step for this haircut.

    • Cee

      Sigh..I hate that some lesbian sites are honoring her in the community solely on the basis of her haircut.

    • meteor_echo

      I love the face of the guy in the background. The ultimate :O face!