The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving

addams family thanksgiving

I just want to remind you of the spirit of the holiday, like always. Since it seemed contrived and mildly Victoria’s Secret-y to showcase a Native American for Shelved Dolls this week, and since there are no lady Pilgrims, I’m stumped on how to do that. So I’m going to let a little lady named Wednesday Addams explain the true meaning of Thanksgiving for you. Remember: these savages are our guests. It may be helpful to you in the days to come.

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    • dutchman

      Dear Jennifer, I always read your pieces and love them. I was going to suggest expanding Shelved Dolls to include characters from the rainbow of cultures in the U.S., especially from the Native tribes, although as you point out, documentation may be hard to come by.
      The converse of this is that pre-literate cultures usually have very accurate storytelling abilities over the generations, with post-facto embellishment kept to a minimum.
      Good luck.