• Wed, Nov 21 2012

It’s High School Reunion Time! Here’s What You Shouldn’t Wear If You Want To Look Moderately Sane

HIGH SCHOOL REUNIONS ARE THE BEST. (Ok, that's such a fucking lie.)

According to Facebook, which seems to be the major source of entertainment when it comes to former classmates, Thanksgiving is the time of year when high school reunions are in full effect. It’s the one holiday where you can almost guarantee that everyone will be in town, so high school reunions seem to be all the craze the night before Thanksgiving. (The organizers must think you want to be hungover during turkey dinner the next day, as you obviously will have drank yourself into an oblivion the night before so as to deal with your past.)

In watching my Facebook feed over the last few days, the high school reunion concerns are running high. How will I act when I run into Johnny Cakes whom I lost my virginity to in the back of his dad’s Toyota? How will I stand up to the “cool” crowd now that 10 years have past? And most of all: “WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR?” It’s a totally legitimate question, because you want to dress to impress, but you also want to pay a slight homage to your past — well, don’t you?

As for what you’re going to wear, we’ll leave that to you. As for what you should avoid, we’re here to help.


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