Photoshop Of Horrors: Karlie Kloss Is A Topless Monster With Three Armpits

Ever since Karlie Kloss turned eighteen, photographers have been eagerly, creepily interested in shooting her naked. Steven Meisel was first out of the gate with an Italian Vogue cover shoot (though Mario Testino sure tried) and then Greg Kadel got Karlie’s clothes off for Numero. As an interesting sidenote, both nude spreads led to Photoshop controversies related to Kloss’ extreme thinness.

Anyway, we say all of this because, by now, we’ve seen Karlie Kloss naked enough times to know she doesn’t have three armpits.

…Oh, wait.

We should reiterate that Kloss is topless.

And therefore this is NSFW.

Scrolldown if you dare.

(Hopefully you are home because it’s the day before a holiday)

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

So, yes, the news is that Kloss has three armpits in this photo and… seriously, how did this not get caught? It looks fucking ridiculous.

In any event, at least Mario Testino finally got his wish and shot Karlie naked–along with a bevy of other beautiful women, airbrushed to firm, poreless Hell and back.

You’re welcome to visit this blog to see the rest of this deeply uninspired Vogue Spain spread, in which models Victoria’s Secret models like Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart and more show nipple and look almost uncannily human. The Photoshop violations are all over the place, but the one adding an armpit to Kloss is the only pure failure.

(via Fashion Copious)

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    • Eagle Eye

      Not to be a hater, but I saw the Mario Testino exhibit at the MFA when I was in Boston, and it honestly took me maybe 2 min to walk in, look around, walk out and turn to my boyfriend to say, “Boobs.”

      Then we left.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        No, no. I think you’ve nicely summed up most of his career.

      • Eagle Eye

        The worst part is that I actually study the history of photography, so I left out the part where a little part of my soul died, somewhere around the J.Lo boxing photograph and the one with the big ol’ naked lady in heels (boobs but nothing below she was doing a weird standing cross-legged thing, it looked very uncomfortable and very naked and very, well, plucked?)

    • Fabel

      I’m at work, but I scrolled down anyway. Oops.

    • Marci

      Is it possible she has, like, a weird muscle or scar there? Oof…

    • Sarah P

      How about the photo of Izable if you follow that link….. It looks like she’s missing a nipple

    • kj

      “Las Majas”? Really? I’m insulted on Goya’s behalf.

    • Breezy

      “… airbrushed to firm, poreless hell” indeed. Hehe.

    • Julia Kuzmenko McKim

      Oh boy, how could a whole bunch of people who work on such a big mag miss that? lol