7 Ways To Win Over Your Significant Other’s Family Without Losing Your Mind

Thanksgiving Family

Tis the season to spend a long weekend in someone else’s childhood home, sandwiched between your boyfriend and his older sister, trying not to say anything about the uncle who you think is the person who keeps kicking you under the table.

And even though you wouldn’t be caught dead in this awkward situation last year, you somehow managed to acquire a significant other whose family you’re obligated to impress. So how to you win them over without sacrificing your sanity? Pass the stuffing — we’re shoveling some filial knowledge onto your plate. Here are seven simple ways to get in good with the SO’s family…

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    • Lastango

      Ok, I’m going to share my holiday-feast giftgiving secret: Denny’s.

      Go to a location, and buy an entire frozen cheescake or apple pie in the box. Are they good? Better than good. Excellent, in fact. But not cheap. Bring a can of whipped cream along too.

      This is failsafe. You will be a hero! You will need to be if you take Brandy’s advice to find out what irks your mother-in-law-to-be the most about your SO and “join in on the good-natured ribbing”. (Better serve it to him a la mode with choclate sauce, cuz you’re gonna be doin’ some serious fence-mending.)