• Sat, Nov 24 2012

HowAboutWe Dates For The James Bond Fans

Daniel Craig... WE LOVE YOU.

When combing through the profiles on our partner site, HowAboutWe, it became clear that the James Bond fans are a plentiful group. Apparently, the movie for date night is Skyfall. Great choice, no? We’ve got Daniel Craig, intrigue, drama, excitement, Daniel Craig and — oh, wait, I may have already mentioned Daniel Craig.

If you’re a Bond fan, too, and are looking for a buddy to go see Skyfall with, then look no further than TheGloss dating page. There’s a large collection of those who’d just love to share some popcorn with you in a dark theatre as Bond does something super ridiculously cool that you’ll never be able to do.

Click on one of the darlings below or head to TheGloss dating page now and see who else is looking for a movie partner this weekend.

TheGloss dating page now.


Photo: Columbia Pictures

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