Was This Photo Inappropriate For Facebook?

Take a look at this picture that Theories of The Deep Understanding of Things posted on Facebook (that was promptly banned).

facebook ban elbows

Dude, it’s an elbow. Two of them. If those were breasts they would be flying off at extremely bizarre angles. Admittedly, elbows that seem unusually red, but having dry flaky elbows does not yet seem like the kind of thing that should be censored.

On their Facebook page, Theories of Deep Understanding of Things wrote that:

So, Here’s last night’s FB alertness test results: FB moderators can’t tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female breast>> no questions were asked and the post is down

I like the idea of possessing violent breasts – like, breasts that could shoot lasers entirely of their own accord, and finally allow us to win the war on men – but that is likely beside the point. The point is that Facebook will take down anything that remotely resembles a breast. Admittedly, we’re sure they’re pressed for time, and that photo may have fooled you as well when you glanced at it. It’s not as though Facebook is yanking down works of classical art because they are so terrified of breasts. That said, better to be safe than sorry. Ladies: keep your elbows covered on social media.

Pictures via Theories of Deep Understanding Of Things

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    • Jade

      And yet men can post topless pictures to their hearts content…yawn. Facebook needs to get a grip, especially seeing as this girl isn’t actually topless.

    • haily

      It’s sexually suggestive, regardless of what she is showing. She is naked and sudsed up with bubbles in a bathtub. That said, I have seen male ass on facebook, and all the comments are, “LOL dude!” and “haha i can c ur butt, man!” or “lolz buttcrack ftw” BUT GOD FORBID you see a picture of a girl in a sexually suggestive pose but showing nothing but her bare naked elbows and you get a comments section full of “omg whore”s.