Kris Jenner: ‘Everyone’ Needs New Fake Breasts Every 20 Years

Just a strong woman trying to make it in a man's world.

In her brief, dark career in the spotlight, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has made a valiant effort to be The Worst and every time we cover her, she gets a little closer to achieving her evil goals (despite stiff competition from her many offspring). Lucky for her, few subjects offer a better space for the Kardashians to behave grotesquely than beauty–especially cosmetic surgery. So, first off, apparently Jenner got new breast implants. But of course there’s more.

Jenner apparently got her first set of breast implants a long time ago–”way longer than their shelf life” she says–and stopped by VH1′s Big Morning Buzz show to talk candidly about getting her replacements. Brace yourselves because things are about to get real dumb and shallow, real quick:

“Everyone needs a fresh set every 20 years.”

As for that candor, Jenner attributes this to bottomless narcissism other stuff:

 “I have cameras in my house 24/7. I can’t just go, ‘I’m going for coffee,’ and come back with new boobs.”

Hold on, though… wouldn’t everybody just prefer she go out for coffee and never come back?

(via HuffPo, photo via Wenn)

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    • Mandy

      I feel it’s good that she’s talking about this. If you’re considering augmentation it’s good to know that those puppies don’t last forever! I think it’s great that an 18 year-old wanting designer boobies for graduation now has someone she can reference as a counter-point. Knowing that you have to pay for relacements or have them removed is sobering.