Gallery: Check Out These Expressive Dioramas Inspired By 19th Century Female Writers

If you’ve ever read The Yellow Wallpaper, chances are you already have a terrifying vision of that room permanently etched into your brain, but it’s always neat to see someone else’s take on it, no? Artist Julia Callon has created a series of dioramas that accomplishes that and more. For her Houses Of Fiction series, Callon attempted to replicate the interiors from various works of 19th century lady-literature, spaces which, due to their protagonists’ confinement to the domestic sphere, had great (usually deleterious) effects on their psyches. “The dichotomous representation of women — mad or sane — is crucial to represent in this series,” writes Callon in her artist’s statement. “Therefore, each story is presented as a diptych: one image represents the passive, subservient woman, while the other represents ‘madness.’” Word.

(Via Flavorwire)

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