Justin Bieber Seriously Wore Overalls To Meet The Canadian Prime Minister

Being a celebrity comes with some serious perks. You get a lot of free designer stuff (that you can probably afford anyway), people listen to your thoughts and opinions on a huge scale, and you get to meet important world figures, whether they’re other celebrities, leaders, athletes or politicians. You’d think that a huge amount of gratitude would come from these benefits, along with some idea of how to show respect towards the people you meet, but this is apparently not the style of Justin Bieber.

In fact, Bieber’s style for meeting the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was simply overalls. He posted the photo on Instagram along with the caption, “I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol.”

Apart from the fact that overalls are never a good idea (ever), it just seems to be in poor taste to wear overalls while meeting the prime minister of your country. I believe in being relaxed with your wardrobe as much as the next person, but I wouldn’t don overalls to fifth date, let alone to meet Barack Obama or any other world leader. Plus, he accessorized with a metal chain, yellow sneakers and a hat, only making it clearer that he genuinely didn’t give a damn about showing some respect toward Canadian politics nor the award he was being given, the Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Bieber defended his faux pas, insisting that he’d been performing in the arena beforehand (in overalls, which is still ridiculous). In response to a Daily Mail article by Hayley Peterson criticizing his decision, Bieber wrote on Instagram: “I walked straight from my meet and greet to [the prime minister], if you ‘Hayley’ expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan a suit at that specific time that’s crazy.” Yeah, because it’s completely beliebable (ha) that one of the most famous people in the world doesn’t have a fucking suit on hand. Also, Biebs, “a loan” is written “alone,” for goodness’ sake.

Photo: Justin Bieber’s Instagram

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    • Lastango

      “he genuinely didn’t give a damn about showing some respect”


      I doubt there’s anything genuine here. Bieber is a fabrication of the star-making machine. Everything we see is carefully, strategically calculated — by professionals — to build the Bieber brand and speak to a target market. None of it has anything to do with his personal preferences. I’d rate the chance he even writes his own tweets at near zero.
      BTW, we ought not to take offense on behalf of the Prime Minister. Harper is meeting Bieber because of what the photo op can do for Harper’s own, political brand. A “controversial” photo not only increases views, it shows what a hip, non-elite guy the PM is. (Harper might have learned something from those pix of Obama playing basketball.) Said another way, if Bieber has going to show up wearing a suit, Harper might have asked him to change to something like overalls… because that works for Harper. It’s win-win.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        This is likely true–I don’t really have a fondness for most politicians and they do tend to seek publicity via false channels. That said, I find more offense to it as an affront to Canadian people and supporters, as a major figure in any country is a form of representation on the whole.

      • Lastango

        I totally agree. Explanations aside, it’s disgraceful. Incidents like these are made possible by our society-wide loss of decorum and standards of conduct. Every time we slouch like this, the slope gets slipperier.


        Here’s a link to my favorite column on that miserable subject:


    • http://twitter.com/tieduptwisted Tami Scott

      Meh. Maybe Justin was just demonstrating his contempt for the award since it’s obviously meaningless. (It was given to convicted criminals as well. It’s nice to know you can get a nice shiny medal for violating the legal rights of others.)


      • Maggie

        I agree. As a Canadian, I thought the Diamond Jubilee awards were supposed to go to people who are outstanding Canadians and who have done good things for our country, not those who’ve consistently proven they are not good people (Linda Gibbons? Seriously?). I think giving a medal to Justin Bieber shows just how expendable and meaningless these medals are, because clearly this was done only for the publicity and photo op. The only thing Justin Bieber has done for Canada is to embarrass us and make us want to reassure the world that Canadians do not condone overalls. Ever.

    • Tania

      I dislike Harper as much as any liberal Canadian, but even I think Bieber could have shown a little class and at the very least worn a decent outfit to greet the PM of his country.

    • Jay

      If dressing more formally is a show of respect to Harper… I’m totally on board with EVERYONE meeting Harper in overalls.