Trina McGee (Angela From Boy Meets World) Is Looking Rather Different These Days

As you may have heard, they are bringing back ’90s T.G.I.F. favorite Boy Meets World so as to make us all realize what shitty taste we had as kids. Naturally, this resurrection is causing some to take an interest in the cast in a “Where Are They Now” kind of way, which has led to the revelation that some cast members have gone out and bought themselves entire new heads.

If you will recall, the actress Trina McGee played Angela, Shawn‘s first serious girlfriend. She appeared pretty much how you see her above on the show: a cute, young Haitian-American woman with funky ’90s style. Ashley and I just talked about how we both always found her really pretty, and we bet you did, too. Remember the episode where Shawn found her purse and fell in love with her via its contents? Adorable.

Anyway, apparently she decided at some point that she needed to stop looking like that and start looking like a whole different person, because now she looks like this…





Are you ready? Okay…








What? I don’t even know. Some of it is probably hair and makeup, but I’d be surprised if plastic surgery hadn’t come into play at some point. She also looks pretty different in the body:

If she re-joins the cast of Boy Meets World (now Girl Meets World), I hope they find a way to write her new look into the script. Even if it’s something as simple as “Angela spliced her genes with those of Tila Tequila while living with her dad in Europe.” That said, I am still very excited to see Angela, Cory, Topanga, and the rest of the gang back together again, because my fear of growing up has made me nostalgic for the things I liked as a child.

Never forget.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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    • Ashley Cardiff


    • Samantha_Escobar

      Whatever I was expecting, this was totally not it. Oh my goodness.

    • Breezy

      This is heartbreaking. She was so beautiful… I have so many questions.
      1. Whaaa?
      2. Whyyy?!
      3. Seriously, hwhaaat?!

    • windows

      Ya know i didnt really know what to expect , but this wasnt it. I was kinda thinking whoopi Goldberg.

    • NeeSee

      That is really disturbing…. Love urself for who u r…
      WHY? WHY? WHY??????

    • Alexis H

      Black Taylor Swift. CANNOT UNSEE.

    • Angela

      She hasn’t had any work done, her features are still the same. It’s the lighting (and the blonde hair) that’s throwing you off.

    • Shae Rosa


    • GapingAsshole

      You bitches are fucking idiots. Please do some research before making your judgment. She’s in her 40s now. I’m sure she looks WAY better than most of you.

    • Guest

      she looks like a Duracell battery

    • flychick86

      Wowza! Kinda looks like Nicki Minaj with blonde hair. Lol. And yeah, like someone said, she didn’t really have any work done, just the hair.

    • Rashaun Thomas

      Sad Sad Sad, self hate! She wasnt comfortable in her own skin. She was fine before. What made her think that she need to lighten her skin, loose the african nose and put on a blonde wig?

      • keri12

        What ‘african nose’ are you talking about? Trina’s nose in the new photos looks exactly the same as it did in the photos from Boy Meets World. What she’s done is put on a lot of foundation makeup and get some sort of blonde hair extensions. Her shoulders, arms and legs look to be the same colour they’ve always been. And she seems to be in great shape, btw. Good for her, when I get her age I hope I look half as good.

    • LiiSH

      Look at her legs. It must be the makeup, lighting, and hair because they are the same color as before. Everyone’s look evolved from the 90s… love it or hate it.

    • Joy

      Other than the horrendous weave job, she looks exactly the same.She hasn’t had any surgery since BMW

    • December

      this is sad she cannot play Angela no more even Rider would say what the heck

    • kalboxo

      I agree, it’s the makeup. Look at her arms, its the same shade as before. People need to take into account lighting, season, and where you’ve been for the past 6 months. I lived in Minnesota during college and when I’d come back home to Hawaii I’d be 3 shades lighter. There was hardly any sun! Now if I’m at home over the rainy season (winter) i’d get a shade lighter but still be rather dark.

      Obviously I don’t wear makeup as I’m a guy, but I am an artist and I also do makeup (sometimes). You’d be surprised at what illusions you can achieve. She brightened her face with makeup to match the wig.

    • The Christian Fighter

      Her new look is nasty…..she looks so unnatural especially from the face down. Shes light from the face and as we go down she looks darker in other areas like her hands and legs. She looked better before, I’m sure she has a LOT of self hate issues.