New Ad Campaign From Beauty Brand Illamasqua Features Blackface

British beauty brand Illamasqua offers this week’s racist blunder: the above ad, featuring the holiday-themed hashtah #ImDreamingOf, the slogan I’m Not Dreaming Of A White Christmas, and the slogan’s implication… a person in blackface (!). Presumably, this was vetted by no one before landing on Facebook.

The image sparked an immediate outcry in the comment thread and the post was subsequently removed. If you visit their Facebook page now, you’ll see neither the image nor an apology. Really? We never thought we’d say this, but they may want to follow Victoria’s Secret‘s lead on this one.

And, since this is a post on blackface, we’d like to preemptively welcome the 2-5% of commenters who come out of the woodwork everytime we post something racist and insist that the offending thing is, in fact, not racist, and we (The Gloss, women, libtards) are part of a vast “PC machine” responsible for destroying this once-great country. Sorry in advance.

(via Jezebel)


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    • Candace

      How the fuck are people so fucking dumb?

    • Cassie

      I like how the top comment on the linked post about the “Native American” lingerie is an actual Native American, telling everyone that she isn’t particularly offended, and that these oversensitive white people need to find something more important to harp on.

      I agree with her. I think white people white-knighting around the internet, “protecting” the poor, impoverished, mocked minorities is absurd. It gives the impression that minorities are helpless, and need white people to defend them.

      I would be interested to read an article from a person who was personally hurt and their particular reasons and emotions, but I am not very interested in articles about groups of white people that consider themselves heroes for getting offended on behalf of cultures that are not their own.

      • Mush
      • alexandra

        I am personally hurt by racism. I am offended on behalf of my culture– although I grew up in New England, people have said horrifyingly racist things to and about me, and the fact that I feel like I have to play down my heritage as “LOL, I know, I make great enchiladas right???” hurts me every day. I would love to tell you all about this, whenever America actually feels like fucking listening.

      • alexandra

        Sorry if this double-posts, I wrote one comment and I’m not seeing it. The gist of it was: I would love to tell you, Cassie, or pretty much anyone, how offended I am when people appropriate my culture, belittle my heritage, and furthermore assume that articles like this are only by “white people who consider themselves heroes.” First of all, I have the utmost respect for Ashley and Jennifer (even though they are white, LOL!) and think calling out gross racism is a good thing to do regardless of your heritage. I think this ad campaign is fucking despicable, not because I’m black, but because IT’S FUCKING OFFENSIVE. You don’t have to be a certain race to see that.

      • Ericka Wilson-Williams

        I agree.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Yeah, @47a4d5b3acb0162152926963f7d83013:disqus already said it better, but I would like to confirm I don’t cover things like this because I feel that “minorities need [my] help” (I find the white messiah trope almost as offensive as straight up blackface). I do it because it’s deplorable and no one should profit off of it.

      • Ericka Wilson-Williams

        I think they are not trying to “protect” any certain race. It is called having fellow feeling and respect for others. Something that certainly is lacking in the world.

    • Breezy

      I almost choked on my gum lol-ing at your disclaimer.

      I love you guys.

    • Ericka Wilson-Williams

      Wow this is just plain disrespectful!! I am especially outraged the I JUST place my first order with them! A LARGE EXPENSIVE order might I add! All I went through to get the order to go through because of it being an international order. Clearing the bank card frozen etc. All that for THIS!! I have the mind to cancel the whole order! I don’t spend my money on companies who openly have no respect for ALL people.

    • BaronessWilde

      I’m all for art. But tell me, why when they painted the Caucasian model black did they over-pronounce her lips compared to the white painted one? And why put her in a neck-tie and top-hat reminsicent to old-time minstels? Whether conscious or not, there is an element of ‘blackface’ to this post whether this company (and it’s ‘supporters’) want to own up to it or not. Lol at the folks saying folks are ‘too sensitive’. Never fails to amaze me culturally illiterate this world is especially in the digitial age…smdh. ‎’White Messiah’ my ass. How about I’m friggin sick to death of miseducated BS trying to pose as ‘art’, or not owning up to your BS? GTFOH, I ain’t out to save no-one just expose BS when I see it. Okay, officially DONE speaking about this wholly UNCREATIVE company.

    • BaronessWilde

      For the record I just want to stay I cannot STAND ‘political correctness’. You should not have to feign faux ‘RESPECT’ for people, you should ideally RESPECT the humanity of people, period. I call out any and all BS whether it’s blackface, redface, Anglo-Saxon BS, Nuwabian/5%/NOI ‘race science’ nonsense, misogyny or my own father being a dickhead. Love stoopid, cannot STAND stupidity and ignorance. #GoodNight

    • Regina Bluman

      Yes, I’m one of the 2-5% that was referred to above. WHY is this image so offensive, but the white image they posted at exact same time, perfectly acceptable?! Surely now they’re being racist for featuring only a white model in their ad!? Just stop sensationalising everything!

      • alexandra

        (why am I even taking this bait?? can’t help it). The stock answer to both your questions is 1. blackface, particularly when committed by white people, has a long, incredibly derogatory history, particularly in the American South. people of african descent were parodied heavily, which was not only okay but MAD COOL, because they were, you know, not people. And 2. While MR’s statement is pretty sweeping for sure (I’d be offended, were I british), a. “british” is not generally considered a racial term, b. in our current historical context, racism against whites is like being shot with a cotton ball and c. hilariously, “british” can refer to Irish people, who weren’t even considered white until faiiiiirly recently

        Now look, my degree is in Dead White Men, and I hate context more than you can believe (SEVENTY PERCENT PSUCHE!) but I’m just trying to help you understand why this was offensive– and why you are offensive.

      • Regina Bluman

        1. “Blackface” is when the performer (or model) creates a caricature of a black person for the sake of perpetuating stereotypes. Illamasqua’s campaign does not fit into that description at all, and, when taken in context with the other white ad they published, it is about the contrast of black and white, as colours themselves, *not* skin colours.

        I’m not trying to deny that racism is still an issue in our world today, but we’re never going to truly be able to move into a multicultural society if companies are constantly vilified for highlighting the differences in skin colours and cultures. There was nothing negative or derogatory about either of the ads that they published… Regardless of the colour of their [painted on] skin, I think both models look beautiful. If they purposely made the black model look ugly, while they made the white model look beautiful (or vice versa!), *that* would be a different issue.

        2. So a sweeping generalisation about Britain is okay, because you don’t consider “British” a race?! What if I said, “Mexicans can be pretty lazy.”?! That would INSTANTLY be condemned as a racist remark! Who draws the line!?

        Also, to say that racism against white people is harmless is a really dangerous train of thought. Try travelling to a country where white people are the minority and see if you still think it’s “like getting shot with a cotton ball”. Trust me, getting beaten by a cop and his nightstick hurts a lot more than a cotton ball does. Racism against *anyone* is wrong, and it shouldn’t be excused just because we feel we need to atone for the actions of our forefathers.

        (side note) If used correctly, “British” shouldn’t be applied to Irish people (whether from Northern Ireland or from Ireland) as neither of those countries are in Great Britain.

      • Al

        Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain.

      • Regina Bluman

        No, it’s part of the United Kingdom. Great Britain is only England, Wales, and Scotland. That’s why the full name of it is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    • MR

      The Brits can be pretty racist, so I’m not surprised.

      • Regina Bluman

        Aaaand that right there is a racist statement… You’re judging a whole country… Based on what? A movie you saw once?

      • MR

        My father was born in Britain. His father an Irish immigrant; his mom English.

      • Regina Bluman

        So your grandparents experienced persecution at the hands of a few people from a certain country. While I’m not saying that’s okay, it’s a bit like saying all Germans are anti-Semitic. Almost every country has a history of racism against a certain group of people, but it’s unfair to continue to perpetuate that stereotype.

    • MichaelaLRR

      This IS racist, especially with the cartoonish lips. Illamasqua also deleted the original complaint thread before reposting the image.

      As one of the first commenters to take them to task on the Australian facebook page, I have the original complaints here, where the image was used as part of a competition.

    • Poetre

      Racism, racism, racism. I hear they ran both pics at the same time, the other of a white woman in white face (which makes no sense). They would have caught less slack if the woman in white face would have been black. The problem in my opinion is they didn’t think to hire a black model to wear white face. With this being said I think everyone connected with the photos are racist.