Here’s Why Kate Middleton’s Bangs Suck

kate middleton bangs

To be fair, I myself had bangs for a long time, so I understand the impulse. Except my impulse stemmed half from a break-up and half from watching The Devil Wears Prada so maybe I wasn’t JUST MAKING BAD DECISIONS. Not like Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. With her new dumb bangs.

A lot of people have been saying that the look channels Princess DianaYahoo News for instance, remarks that “now with her feathered hair her overall appearance is reminding us even more of the late Princess of Wales.” You can sort of get a glimpse of that effect here:

diana princess of wales bangs

Look, Princess Diana was lovely. We all agree on that, I think. And the bangs themselves aren’t bad on either one of them. They’re both very attractive! But if anything, Kate needs to use this time to establish her own style that doesn’t remind every news outlet of the late Princess of Wales. And her hair was fabulous! Just as it was! If anything, her gently curling hair is one of the things that people immediately think about when they think of Kate Middleton, or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, I am never sure which one we’re calling her. I’m afraid that this portends a rocky descent into shortened or straight hair, and then I will cry, because I am only just figuring out how to get my hair looking like Kate Middleton’s, now. And I’m doing it pretty well. And it took me a year to grow out my bangs entirely.

So basically, Kate Middleton’s bangs suck because I am sad.

Picture via, Wikipedia

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    • Sarahphina

      I also cut bangs after Devil Wears Prada. Mine were amazing. But now my hair is curly and bangs with curly hair is waaaayyyyy to mall-ish for me. The end! Good story.

    • JennyWren

      Are we really calling these bangs? Looks more like layering to me. I usually have to grow my bangs out for a few months for them to look like this. And I agree this outfit is reminiscent of Dianna in that’s it about 30 years out of date. 70′s styling can be great, but this is just frumpy.

    • anna

      i got what is now “the zooey deschanel haircut” after elf came out and and she was blond andbangless. everyone told me that i looked like a brunette bang-ed zooey. ha.

      anyway, i was about 16, and still can’t get rid of the bangs. i think i’ll be stuck with my face framing forever. just better with bangs.

    • asabrinalee

      yes!! my question to jennifer is, how did you summon the courage to grow out your bangs? they frame myface so well but im so bored of them. i just feel naked without them!