Retro Snap: Have You Seen The Little Girl From The Nanny All Grown Up

Also, did you grow up on The Nanny? Remember Grace Sheffield? She was played by Madeline Zima. She looked like this.

Madeline Zima stars as Grace Sheffield on THE NANNY.

She is now and adult, and looks like this:

madeline zima

In conclusion, time moves inexorably forward, and we are old.Death creeps ever closer. Unless you are so young as to have no memories of The Nanny, in which case, I guess don’t worry about that. Oh, also, she looks great, so that’s nice.

Picture via The Nanny, @madelinezima1

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    • Fabel

      She kind of looks like Eliza Dushk! Or maybe her cousin.

      • Fabel


      • Fabel

        Holy shit. *DUSHKU. I will stop now.

    • Anne

      The biggest shock for me was when she had this sex scene in Californication where she stomped David Duchovny in the face… Ouch. She’s turning into a good actress, though. Yikes, I’m getting old.

    • Trish

      She played Claire’s gay college roommate on Heroes. I recognized her from the older pic, she doesn’t look that different, just grown up.

    • lovecomesfromlife

      Looking at the first picture I seriously asked myself, “How did I not know that Jen Wright was a child star? That seems a big thing to have missed.”