I Hung Out With Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost

marilyn monroe ghost

Hollywood. There’s just something so glamorous and dirty about it at the same time. If you’ve ever lived in Los Angeles, you’re probably familiar with Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice. But Hollywood is a whole different monster. It’s a place I love to visit, but I’m not sure it’ll be a place that I’d live, unless I could do it 100% celebrity style. Of course I happily agreed to come along with my husband on a business trip there where we were put up at The Roosevelt Hotel.

When you walk in to the hotel it’s like you’re magically transported into some vortex where you just feel like you are somebody special. It made me want to wear oversized sunglasses inside so people would wonder who I was. I didn’t come to the hotel expecting much but a posh room and maybe some decent shopping at the mall across the street. I had no idea I was staying in such a place that had such history.

We stayed in one of the famous Cabana suites. A little section of poolside suites that reminded me of a retro-fabulous old school apartment. If things couldn’t get any cooler, I discovered Marilyn Monroe used to live in the cabana, literally right across from our balcony. How awesome is that? This must’ve been a pretty decent place.

So I started googling like crazy. I fell into an internet K-hole, and right before I fell asleep, I stupidly googled the hotel with the words “haunted” next to it. I don’t recommend doing that if you scare easily, because you’ll discover that, yes indeed, your hotel may have a few ghosts in it. But I’m fine with celebrity ghosts, especially if one of them is Marilyn Monroe.

Now, of course, The Roosevelt does not brand itself on being haunted. The haunting stuff is just an added bonus! There’s other fun stuff to know about it, too! For instance, in 1929 the very first Academy Awards were held in the hotel’s Blossom Ballroom. The ceremony was a record breaking five minutes long. If only all award shows could be that short and sweet.

Some say that Monroe can be seen lounging around the ballroom, along with other dancing apparitions. I went in there. I didn’t see anything. I did feel a cold spot in the room, which is a sign of some kind of spiritual activity. I became very excited, then realized I was standing underneath an air vent. Damn.

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    • mm

      WAHHH this made me so sad, I was forced to move away from Hollywood for school 2 months ago! I lived 2 blocks from the Roosevelt =( That’s why living in Hollywood, although noisy and gross, was fabulous. There’s so much history there, it’s amazing. Did you go to the little Hollywood Museum off Sunset on Highland? It has some of her dresses and makeup, proving that a size 12 is drastically different today compared to how it was back then….since her dresses are TINY! She was more like a 2….