Predicting Baby Hashtag’s Future

hashtag baby

So, someone named their child Hashtag.

Little Hashtag is going to, from an early age, have a deep rooted desire to compartmentalize everything. You know that scene in high school movies where some nerdy kid shows a chart of how the cafeteria arranged in order of popularity? Hastag is going to do that. Unfortunately, since no one has ever done that in real life, people are going to think that Hashtag is a lunatic.

But he’s going to make great lists, later.

Here are some likely outcomes for other names, since this will be a trend now.

Picture via Buzzfeed via Facebook.

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    • Maggie

      What bothers me most about baby Hashtag: her mother’s inability to spell.

      • Jennifer Wright

        “youre tweetybird.” THAT.

      • Maggie

        “weys?” That is not even a word. Poor, poor baby Hashtag.

    • alexandra

      please fix the headline of this post! its full hilarity is currently hidden from the average observer

    • Nerdy Lucy

      I once referred to a former coworker’s baby (Hannah) in a text and my phone auto-corrected it to hashtag.

      I am curious if this is what happened or the baby really is Hashtag Jameson.

      • Courtney Lynne

        It wasn’t posted by mobile. Keyboards don’t have auto correct. It’s no mistake.