Red Carpet Rundown: The British Fashion Awards 2012

The British Fashion Awards took place last night and the big winners were Stella McCartney (Designer Brand Award, Designer of the Year), Cara Delevingne (Model Award) and Alexa Chung (British Style Award, three years running). Here’s the model-studded red carpet, featuring them and many more.

When we saw the thumbnail, we were digging Stella’s stark, minimal jumpsuit. Unfortunately, in the close up, we’re put off by the boxy fit and that side sparkle–reminding us a little too much of McCartney’s signature handbag.

Alice Dellal is one of those nebulous “It Girls,” sometimes a model, a hand in designer pies, making iTunes playlists and calling it DJ’ing, Karl Lagerfeld took a shine to her, etc.

But we like her unfussy ’90s grunge look.

Speaking of grunge, Lily Collins went way overboard. We can’t believe it, either–we fucking love eyebrows.

We’re not sure about the point of Rita Ora‘s frou frou aqua ’80s bridesmaid thing.

Gemma Arterton is such a babe that we will overlook those shoes and look past the exaggerated volume at the hips.

Princess Beatrice looks startled by the confusing print of her dress.

Also, we know she’s royalty and all, but this is a fashion awards show. That stuffy frock is better suited to high tea.

Salma Hayek is aging backwards, first of all. Moreover, we don’t love fringe, but we appreciate that she deviated from her usual cleavage shelf/skintight thing.

Yeah, yeah, you know how we feel about Alexa Chung. And we don’t like her dress.

…But hot damn! We love her weird shoes.

This is what Dita Von Teese does. She vamps. She vogues. You love her or hate her.

As for us, we have a shitload of goodwill toward her that subsumes those sequined exoskeleton shoulder pads.

Someone tweeted yesterday that Cara Delevingne looked “chic” in her Burberry mini. No, no, anonymous source on Twitter. Greenish-gold lame micro-minis are the opposite!

Frankly, we expect more from Amber Valletta. Her rust-colored gown did nothing for us or for her.

And, lastly, a Geldoff. Pixie Geldoff, to be exact, the one who jumped the shark with the most obnoxious Vogue cover possibly ever. Also, it’s nothing against her, but this shade–this blinding bright tangerine red–is getting about as fresh as the peplum.

(All photos via Wenn)

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    • alexandra

      I respectfully disagree vis-a-vis Alexa Chung. The video Jamie posted of her a little while back combined with her hair in that photo has erased my last ill will. Truce.

      Also, ack, Salma Hayek, whaaaaattttt? ack.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Goddamnit. Her hair is beautiful.

    • anya

      you managed to insult every person who won an award for their achievements in fashion. I think this just goes to show that we shouldn’t take fashion advice from the writers on this website

      • Ashley Cardiff

        You managed to take a celebrity-filled awards ceremony seriously. This is why the writers on this website shouldn’t get butthurt over random commenters.

      • anya

        I don’t take them seriously enough to actually watch them, so clearly not very seriously. Also, most of these celebrities are hardworkers wih legitimate jobs in fashion. That means they probably have more fashion sense than you do. I just think it’s ridiculous everytime the Gloss makes these posts and insults what celebrities are wearing like they have some sort of authourity/knowledge about fashion. I think I will stop reading this site, like I have commented previously, the writers are too unproffessional, especially in their comments when someone doesn’t agree with their point of view. Sort of ridiculous that a group of adults are this childish. You don’t see famous writers insultingthe people who disliked their books. They have more professionalism. By the way, it’s clear that you were “butthurt” in order to respond in such a manner

      • alexandra

        or, weird thought, it could be that part of the fashion industry involves criticism, a lot like most of the other creative industries (writing, photography, and comedy come to mind). Before I started reading the Gloss, I never thought about outfits more than like “oh cool,” or “that looks weird.” But these posts are fun: you can look at some insane or creative fashion choice that you’d otherwise never see (Goop’s white cape is a great example) and consider it in context: who is the celebrity? what’s the occasion? Are they actually breaking new ground or are they wearing another fucking peplum? Some events are better than others, and I also always enjoy reading the Gloss interpretation and occasionally disagreeing with it (see above). Which they tend to take pretty well (see above). Because actually? what gets said, on the internet, about art, kind of matters these days. Stella McCartney doesn’t do overhead barbell raises (seriously, look at that photo again) for herself, and she doesn’t design embellished jumpsuits for herself. She does it for us! seriously

      • alexandra

        *dumbbell raises. I always do that!

    • kj

      Lurve me some orange! I actually like the last look, and the second-to-last is a gorgeous colour. And I am weirdly hypnotized by Gemma’s psychedelic shoes.

    • Mo

      Gawd…you’re knocking everyone who went with impact over ideal classic beauty ideals. Fashion is supposed to be fun and playful. Also, tangerine orange is gorgeous. I wish she was standing next to the rust colored gown, they would have loked beautiful together. Niether is the most faltering of colors, but the world is better when people wear them.

    • sherry_b

      am i the only one who thought pixie geldof was carey mulligan before scrolling down!?