Gallery: The Ten Sexiest Items From Yoko Ono’s Crotch-Centric New Menswear Line

The eternally wackypants Yoko Ono has designed a menswear line for Opening Ceremony inspired by John Lennon‘s “sexy bod,” and what a menswear line it is. It’s got light-up jockstraps and nipple decorations and crotch decorations and cock and endless balls. Holy! Holy! Holy! The male bra and the mesh shirt and the butt hoodie are holy!

I asked my boyfriend, who is generally a dapper fellow, how he felt about the collection, and here’s what he had to say:

Oh, Yoko. I affirm her right to do these things, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them or consider them wearable…it’s like most fashion, don’t pretend like people are actually gonna wear this shit. Admit that you’re masturbating all over the runway, don’t give us this shuck and jive over how these are clothes for humans to wear. Hang it in a museum. And if you buy it just ’cause Yoko Ono made it, you’re a fucking turd who went to Pratt for too long. Just sayin’.

Whatever, philistine. Help me decide which of these ten handsome pieces I should get him for Christmas!

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photos: Entertainment Weekly, Opening Ceremony

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    • Lo

      Not featured: athletic cup to prevent pain from people constantly hi-fiving you in the junk.

    • Samantha

      Is it weird that I would wear the butt/ball hoodie? But only to friends’ parties in Silverlake…