Here Is What Girls Would Look Like If It Were Made 10 Years Ago

Oh my God, if Girls had been made ten years ago there would have been so much more dancing. And hugging. Just watch:

Did you see how much dancing and hugging there would be? I’m not going to lie. I probably would have been charmed by Girls if it arrived in this incarnation. Or… not. I guess we do live in a post-Gilmore Girls world. I mean, Rory Gilmore is now going naked under a fur coat in Mad Men, so everything is different now.

alexis bledel mad men

Probably we would not be impressed at all, and we would find it trite and kind of quaint, the way we find say, Friends, now. I went to the premiere of the Carrie Diaries a while ago, and all I could think, as the character agonized over losing her virginity and getting home in time for curfew, was that they were trying to make Gilmore Girls for a Gossip Girl generation, and even Gossip Girl seems dated now. Girls makes everything seem dated.

Everything seems dated now except dramas set conspicuously in the past.

Soon, we will only watch television shows set at slow moving paces in Ancient Greece where the entire cast will be naked. I am not unenthusiastic about this prospect.

Picture via Mad Men

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    • Trsh

      She played Rory, not Lorelei. I didn’t even watch the show, so I’m not entirely sure how I know that :/

      • Lauren

        In all fairness, Rory’s full name was Lorelai. Yeah, I loved that show. And yeah, I know it’s spelled like that and not the traditional way. And yeah, I’m slightly embarassed by this comment.

      • Trish

        Ha, good to know! I’ve always thought about watching it because I know so many people that are obsessed with the show, but I’m worried it won’t live up to the hype of all my friends, and I’ll just be disappointed. But I think it’s all on Netflix, so maybe I’ll give it a go.

      • Lauren

        I love Gilmore Girls. I got all the DVDs last year for Christmas and I watch them all the time. Except the last 2 seasons. Those are bad, especially the last season when the writer and creator left the show and it went it a direction that no one wanted. Except the last episode, that episode is awesome. I’m sorry for this comment, again.

    • sabrina

      Sadly my first thought is that’s rory! not lorelai!

    • kj

      Ew, Gilmore Girls. Although I probably didn’t watch enough of it for that to be an informed “ew.”

    • jamiepeck