Now That She Is Pregnant, Help Prince William And Kate Middleton Pick A Baby Name!

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Okay, I have already said that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s, royal baby should be named either “Oona” or “Balthazar” because I have the best taste. Also, I think Balthazar is the kind of name that makes people think twice before tangling with Britain, you know? Oona doesn’t really do anything, but it’s really fun to say. Oona. Oo-na. Oooooooona.

In all likelihood, Prince William and Kate are actually going to name the baby Diana.

Ashley pointed out that they could name it “Dion” if it was a boy, to which I pointed out that, no, they could not, because their baby is not going to be headlining in a motown band (unless it pulls some kind of Princess Stephanie shit.)

Mallory pointed out that they could name it “Knut” like one of the old crown princes. Just so you know, alternate spellings of that include Canute and Knute.

Ashley thinks it should be named after one of the new princes, so its name should be “Prince Liam Gallagher.”

Update: Mallory wants you to know that she was “simply interested in discussing HISTORICAL NAMES. I have no official opinion on this current baby. Other than I hope it, you know, lives and is relatively healthy.”

She did not add “Prince Knute”, but I am sure PK, as he’s called around Buckingham palace, appreciates her well wishes from deep within Kate Middleton’s womb.

Okay, your turn. What are they naming this thing? Let’s start placing bets, even though we know that Diana is going to be the ultimate winner.

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      I would also settle for Prince Noel Gallagher or Princess Champagne Supernova.

      • Sean

        I am stealing Princess Champagne Supernova. I don’t care.

        Although I’d trade you “Lord Digsy Supersonic” for it.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Don’t worry! There are enough ridiculous Oasis-inspired baby royal names for everyone.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Baby Duke Wonderwall von Morning Glory, for example.

    • mallelis

      Like “one of the old crown princes” MY GOD JENNIFER THAT’S NO WAY TO TALK ABOUT CANUTE THE GREAT.

    • Samantha_Escobar


      • Alle

        In accordance with the naming traditions of our time, though, it would probably be Hashtagg. The extra ‘G’ makes it 35% more unique.

    • Maria

      Balthazar is so not a weird name. Everybody should name their kids Balthazar.

    • Sean

      Meanrock Destructotron

    • AmbienceChaser

      Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    • MR

      Are you sure? But I like that long Oona. :)

    • Amanda

      My vote is hardcore for Prince Balthazar.