This Is What Courtney Stodden Wore To The King Of Thailand’s 85th Birthday Party

muay thai in america courtney stodden

Sometimes I honestly feel like Courtney Stodden is just openly fucking with people, and not in the way she relentlessly tweets. But this get-up for an 85 year old’s birthday party is just silly, and frankly feels a little disrespectful. I mean, look at the full version of her gold lame dress which is appropriate for… not visiting royalty’s birthday parties, basically. I don’t know. Maybe it would be appropriate for Prince Harry’s birthday party, which I think is why we all just keep hoping that Kate and Will will have a child really soon and Prince Harry can really just go wild and that can be his whole thing. But you would not wear this to your 85 year old grandmother’s birthday, let alone the King of Thailand’s birthday.

courtney stodden king of thailandYou can watch an entire vision of it here on a video that asks whether or not she is “the New Anna Nicole Smith” - something that might be true as she is blond, busty, and wearing outfits seemingly created to raise the pulse of elderly men.

Just for perspective, this is a picture of Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand:

king thailand courtney stoddenI like to think that the King of Thailand is not falling for Courtney Stodden’s plan to drive him to a heart attack with the power of gold lame.

Although, if Courtney Stodden were an international spy, and this was some sort of plot like the time people supposedly tried to poison Castro by smearing poison perfume on a female CIA agent, that would be… well, I would watch a TV show about that.


Picture via Wenn, Wikipedia


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    • LCT

      I’m so glad you posted this, because I finally spotted her ginormo boob cutlets sticking out of her 2 pushup bras in the other photos from this event, and felt compelled to share it with some Gloss readers.

      I knew those puppies were being manufactured! Vindication is sweet!!!

    • Maggie

      You know, I think it’s probably because of the way she dresses and acts that she was invited to this party in the first place. Why else would Courtney Stodden be invited to the King of Thailand’s party?! She’s probably a weird, sexual anomaly to them.

    • EWells2188

      He kind of looks like a slightly more wrinkled, Asian version of former President G.W. Bush…

    • Krissy

      Is it just me, or are her eyes totally more blue than normal? Is she wearing contacts, too?

    • Paulina

      Can anyone tell me why was she at the King of Thailand’s birthday party?

    • Paulina

      Can anyone tell me why was she at the King of Thailand’s birthday party?