15 Brilliantly Ridiculous Quotes From Girls Season One (Before Pre-Gaming For Season Two Makes Us Forget)

Adam and Hannah: A Love Story. (Sort of?)

It’s probably a good thing that Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy yesterday, because for a few days there the trailer for the second season of Girls was the big talk of the town. Or at least it seemed that way for a New York minute, and New York minutes are by which all things in life are measured– if this were a Sex and the City episode. But thankfully, it isn’t.

Even those who loathed the first season, condemned the show for all its flaws (perhaps a mirror for some that hated to admit it?), or loved it madly and spent the majority of their Thanksgiving vacation watching it obsessively for “research,” everyone had something to say about the trailer. It did have dogs in it, after all! And Adam being his usual psychotic self! And Marnie finally banging Booth! And yes, we’re making “banging” our favorite replacement verb for “fucking” in 2013.

With the premiere just over a month away — January 13th — it seemed only appropriate to rehash the past and take a trip down the Greenpoint streets of memories with some of the finest lines from Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna. No matter your personal feelings on Lena Dunham, you have to admit the lady is stitch. Haven’t we all wondered about the “stuff that gets up around the sides of condoms?”

Yes. We have.


All photos: HBO

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    • alexandra

      Can someone explain Bushwick to me? I have no idea what this place is, or why it is so weird that Marnie would be there. Help me. I’ve never been to New York.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Basically, it’s this part of Brooklyn that has been infiltrated by hipsters. It was once all huge warehouses — there’s a Boar’s Head warehouse out there – but those are quickly being turned into expensive lofts as gentrification pushes out the families that have lived there for generations.

        The thing about Bushwick is that it’s a place where, if you are a self-proclaimed hipster (as in you actually use that adjective to define yourself), you live out there and “pretend” to be all artsy fartsy and original. You live in shitty lofts with bed bugs (Jamie’s piece: http://www.crushable.com/2012/06/18/entertainment/a-brooklynites-take-on-girls-brooklyn-locations/gallery-page/1/), piss on the sidewalk and call it art, and actually attend things called “hipster speed dating” ironically, but not really ironically, because hipsters murdered irony once it became a lifestyle.

        I used to date a fella over in the McKibben lofts (again, Jamie’s piece), it was disgusting, horrible, full of kids thinking they’re too cool for school and the day he moved out there was a goat in the hallway staring at him. I kid you not — a fucking goat in the hallway.

        Eventually the “kids” over there in Bushwick grow up, think it’s “too gentrified” and move over to Bed-Stuy (also Brooklyn), so they can destroy (gentrify) another neighborhood, although they don’t see it that way. I’m sure we’ll see that neighborhood in the new season of Girls now that the “girls” are “older.”

        So that’s Bushwick… I hope that made at least a bit of sense.

    • Amber Raine

      LOVE THIS SERIES! Lena Dunham is so talented! Can’t wait for season 2!

    • Vivian

      Honorary Mention: when Shosh says that women should never have sex doggy style because it’s degrading and Jessa replies: “But what if I want to feel like I have udders?”