• Tue, Dec 4 2012

There Are As Many Women As Men On The Vanity Fair Comedy Covers

This seems almost impossible because of the way “women aren’t funny.”A notion that I believe was laid forth in Vanity Fair. And yet! On their comedy covers, there are as many women as men! Six women! Six men! I know women aren’t good at math, but here are the pictures and we can count them together (you’re allowed to use your fingers).

Here is the first Vanity Fair Cover, featuring Leslie Mann, Megan Fox and Melissa McCarthy.You will want to remember all the names, incidentally, because at some point some man will assertively say “name one woman who is funny.”

vanity fair

That is 3. 3 women. It also features some guy, but he’s probably not funny because men are all too preoccupied with war and shouting to be funny. Here is the second cover! With Kristen Wiig, who I guess is dressed like Cher? Sure. Cher is funny.

vanity fair comedy cover

Because of the  Cher overlap you might think it was 1.5 on this, but actually it’s only 1. We’re at 4. 4 women. There are also 3 guys. And this one shows Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph.

vanity fair comedy cover 3And that is 2 more. Also, 2 men.


The total is 6. We are looking at 6 women, and 6 men.

In other words, I think the world might be making progress! And they only had to put one funny lady in a bikini, so we’re doing great here, you guys! Hilarious high fives all around!

Pictures via Vanity Fair

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  • alexandra

    I feel like they also get points for having Megan Fox and having her NOT be the one in a bikini. Rad.

  • competitivenonfiction

    I feel like it would have been funnier with Paul Rudd in a bikini.

  • Pedant

    The Vanity Fair article by Mr Hitchens is vastly misread, and he himself has offered some explanation to it in an interview that surely can be found on youtube. He does not at any point say, that women cannot be funny, or that there are no women who are funny. He only says, that women have less of an incentive to being funny, because it is not part of their appeal on men. So basically, his point is: because men don’t get funny women, it’s no use for a woman to be funny. An important distinction however is between being funny, and having a sense of humour. Women have to have a sense of humour, in order to get men’s attempts at being funny. He’s saying: men are clowns, and women are the ones who judge which ones are doing it right.
    I do not support all aspects Mr Hitchens’ view, for example his insistence that humour was largely aimed at the other sex, but at least I think it should be represented correctly.