Men Tell Us: The Gifts They DO NOT Want For Christmas

holiday gifts for men

It’s mostly sweaters, honestly.

But yeah, these are some gifts you should not get your boyfriend or man friend or merely male friends for Christmas and or Chanukah or any manner of holiday.

Picture via The Ugly Sweater Shop

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    • AmbienceChaser

      Weird. My husband specifically asked for sweaters.

      • Lisa(r)

        Spouses are different… you’re all providey and family-like now! :D

    • L

      yeah i got my BF a couple shirts that i knew he’d love and he went like apeshit.

      • Lisa(r)

        Wait, good apeshit or bad apeshit?

    • alexandra

      My boyfriend doesn’t ask for clothes, but does make me pick his clothes out before he buys them.

      I wish you had asked what they DO want. This never gets easier….

    • MR

      You know I always remember that early scene in ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ when Colin Firth’s character is first re-introduced to her. What man doesn’t remember his first childhood sweetheart. :)

      • MR

        PS. Happy Chanukah, now that it’s official.

    • romylove

      My boyfriend had a room furnished by Target. 225 thread count sheets and a comforter with batting missing in many places.

      I bought him 600 thread count sheets and a new comforter with a better stitching pattern that would hold the batting in place.

    • Em

      Is it just me, or are none of these presents all that bad? I mean, yeah, I get some of them are kind of lame, and no one likes to get the “I want you to change into a totally different person” item, but has no one given these guys, say, crystal-embossed pens? Incense? Embroidered cushions? Ugly socks? Militant vegan cookbooks? Thank you cards?

      I bet I could think of worse ones if I stopped drawing on my own experiences too, lol….

    • paperraincoat

      My boyfriend asked for socks last year. I couldn’t go full boring [I'm too young! He's even younger!] so in addition to socks I also got him Shoot-N-C targets and a gift card to Harbor Freight. And he put on his new comfy socks and we went to the range and shot at targets and saw, and went to Harbor Freight and bought tools. Which he used to work on his mom’s car as her Christmas present. I think I did okay.

      He did better though: he got me a Power Probe, aka the BEST thing for electrical diagnostics outside of a scan tool [though sometimes even more useful]. I used it to figure out why the horn on our truck [his daily driver] didn’t horn. ‘Tis the season for giving after all.