Couple Announces Their Breakup Via Sad (But Catchy) Song: How Do You Feel?

Jonathan Mann is a singer/songwriter whose “song a day” project has been going on for several years now, to varying degrees of success. So when he and his (also musical) girlfriend Ivory decided to break up, it seemed only natural that they should do a song about it together.

So they wrote this sad but catchy tune, recorded it, and put it on the Internet, as they do with all their songs.

Personally, I am a little divided on this. I want to hate it because it seems like Jakob and Julia levels of narcissism to put something this tender and private on the Internet in an attempt to garner strangers’ attention. And the song’s tweeness and attempts at virality kind of cheapen the real pain they must both be going through.

On the other hand: the song is kind of good! And it’s nice that they are still able to work together. I like the juxtaposition of their genuinely sad faces with the little booty dance they are doing. Plus, it seems like they’re making a mature decision by breaking up because one wants to have kids and the other doesn’t, and I like that he respects her lack of desire to have kids, rather than give her the old line about how her biological clock is bound to start ticking sometime. They sound like they have a good relationship with their friends, too:

And breaking up’s a mess
So please be there for us
You don’t have to choose
Though it’ll be awkward, yes
Invite us to your parties
We will work it out
Don’t feel weird
We love all of you
After 5 whole years
By each other’s side
There are just some things
No relationship can survive

Basically, it seems like a very mature and responsible break up, handled in a somewhat immature and goofy way. But if this guy is used to expressing himself in song, it’s hard to imagine him not recording a song about this. And hey, everyone processes pain differently.


(Via Jezebel)

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    • Candace

      Holy shit I’m on my period. I didn’t even watch the video. I just read the lyrics, and teared up a little.

      I need chocolate.

      • jamiepeck

        I am right there with you.

    • Cee

      UGH EYEROLL! Thank god they broke up and at least one of them is guaranteed not to breed/and are not going to spawn together cuz the narcissism of that child would be through the roof!

    • Samantha

      I think, within the context of his project, it works. And a lot of musicians write vaguely about break-ups to sell every day. It’s Taylor Swift’s bread and butter. It’s gotta be easier than answering all their friends questions and reliving it again and again for weeks afterward, so in the respect, it works too.
      It wouldn’t be my decision in the face of a break-up, but to each their own.

    • Amanda Chatel

      No worries, ladies! He’s already on OKCupid. My friend stumbled upon his profile this morning and messaged him… before this video was picked up by the bloggers of the world. She admittedly doesn’t have the best taste in fellas.

      • Cee

        HAH best follow up ever! Prepare your wombs, ladies

    • cassie

      my most prevalent feeling is that i hate her eye makeup very much. i do like her jacket though.

      if i was breaking up after five years, i think the last thing i would want to do is that stupid dance.

    • Maggie

      I feel like if you’ve been together for five years and have a large circle of friends, this is kind of a good way to kill the gossip before it starts. Because it was an amicable breakup, I’m sure they didn’t want vicious rumors swirling. Now all their friends know the real, sensible story, and everyone can start to move on with their lives.