Gallery: Four Artists Use Jessica Chastain As A Human Canvas To Stunning Effect In W Magazine

The January issue of W Magazine decided to do something pretty nifty with cover girl Jessica Chastain. Rather than run a series of similarly lit photos of her doing fashion poses in various kinds of couture, the magazine made her into a human canvas for four different contemporary artists: George Condo, Rineke Dijkstra, Chantal Joffe, and Mickalene Thomas. This produced four very different, but equally striking covers, as well as a few related images for each one. As the accompanying profile (by the infamous Lynn Hirschberg) makes sure to note, this mirrors the uncanny way Ms. Chastain has disappeared into the diverse roles she’s played thus far in her career.

Photos: W Magazine

George Condo, Abstract Conversations

This is definitely my favorite one. So colorful and painterly! I might have to put it at the end, too.

George Condo, Spatial Notations

This one is cool, too. I like the way it looks like she is coming out of the blackboard.

Chantal Joffee

Now she is actually made of paint!

Chantal Joffee

A hint at the process by which she became a painting.

Chantal Joffee

The Chantal Joffee cover.

Rineke Dijkstra

This artist is into photographing people looking mentally complicated in tennis whites, is what this cover says to me.

Rineke Dijkstra

Did I mention she looks really pretty?

Rineke Dijkstra

The Rineke Dijkstra cover.

Mickalene Thomas, Tamika

How resplendently sexy! And her legs are so shiny.

Mickalene Thomas, Nana

She looks a lot like Julianne Moore here, no?

Mickalene Thomas

I kind of hate the way they did her eyes, but maybe I'm just being a philistine?

One More Cover

Don't say I didn't warn ya.

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