Men Tell Us: The Gifts They DO Want For Christmas

boyfriend christmas gifts

Earlier this week, we told you what gifts men DO NOT want for Christmas. It was mostly clothing. Men hate gifts of clothing. Except for some very specific kinds, which we will detail, here.

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"Pay attention to stores he says he likes. Men drop hints just like women do. If he says he really likes some brand of shoes, get him a gift certificate to that store."

The Gloss recommends Stubbs and Wootten.


"I'm a big fan of getting things you can consume, a nice bottle of Bulleit Rye Bourbon for the Holidays would be delightful."

The Gloss (obviously) recommends Bulleit Rye Bourbon.


"Any 'of the month club.' I mean, not beauty products, but any other month club thing is cool."

The Gloss recommends Hot Sauce of the Month Club.


"The DVD boxed set of The Wire probably made me happier than any other gift."

The Gloss recommends Amazon.


"A good watch! It's the only socially acceptable jewelry a man can wear, and he can wear it all the time."

The Gloss recommends a Blue Effect Swatch.


"Get him a better version of his favorite liquor. Like, if he likes Scotch, it's pretty easy to find a fairly special bottle that's a nicer version of what he usually drinks. A girlfriend once did that for me with a flask, and it was a great gift."

The Gloss recommends The Glenlivet.


"I would love a first edition of one of my favorite books."

The Gloss recommends The Commitments.
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