Names of Gerard Butler Movies: Past, Present And Future

Gerard Butler
Playing for Keeps

Sports Man Grunting

Time for Sweaters…On This Guy? [record scratch]

[Untitled Clive Owen Project]

Leveling the Playing Field

Playing Both Ends Against the Middle and Also Playing the Middle Too Sometimes

Our House That We Have Together, You and I

Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler Holding a Baby Uncomfortably

Gender Yelling

For All It’s Worth

Harmless Enough

Hands Make Fists/Words Make Graves

Machine Gun Stepdad

Abs Castle

Playing With Fire But Burning Help???

Crotch Bulge

Winking At Pretty Girls Who Turn and Do That Look of “I’m Mad But I’m Not Mad”

What Women Want (shot-for-shot remake of the Mel Gibson original)

Beard Accent

The Ugly Truth

Contract Laughing

Gender Disagreements (Of Sex)

Braveheart (shot-for-shot remake of the Mel Gibson original)

Wristwatch Standing

Me…Wear a Tie???

Playing Your Cards Right

I Am A Normal Human Man Who Contains An Ocean of Sorrow

In The Right Place (Where Boobs Are)

This handsome man is smiling at you. how.does thatmake u,, feel.

Katharine Heigl Nervously Aiming A Gun At You

Chasing Mavericks

Maverick (shot-by-shot remake of the Mel Gibson original)

I’m Scottish Hunk Gerard Butler, Get Me Out of 2003 Horror Classic The Ring, What Am I Even Doing In This Film, It’s Already Been Made. Can I Please Just Go Home. Please. Please. Please. Christ please

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    • John Lewis Pitts

      You forgot 301, 302, 303 …

    • Sarah Diann

      man, is it okay that I am all about 300? Does that make me a bad person? Wait he was the lead in that right? Otherwise his career has been a HUGE embarrassing downward spiral since. Last week he was semi likable on Ellen.In her shoes almost anyone is. Oh yeah I should mention that Ellen is my girl. (helps me sleep at night, except wait….. I still cannot unless I am drunk and medicated….but that is a different story..) I watched The Immortals tonight and was all like yeah! The fabulous chick from slum dog millionare was in it!!! I guess she is not important enough for me to remember her name.