Crowdsourcing: Help! I Need A Haircut!

Hi! To those of you loyal readers, you are now very familiar with EIC Jennifer Wright‘s preferred way of buying new wardrobe items… crowdsourcing. Fellow editors Amanda Chatel and Jamie Peck have also asked for your opinions on various subjects–Jen Dziura even asked for your opinions on her wedding dress (drawing quite the heated comment thread). Up till now, I’ve avoided the format, not because I don’t trust and respect our regular readers, but because I’m afraid of being vulnerable.

Anyway, today I guess I’m not. I’m getting a haircut this afternoon and, at Jen’s behest, I’m asking for some feedback from you.

Oh, backstory: The Gloss is launching a YouTube channel (you can subscribe here) and, in a few short weeks, you’ll be able to see Jennifer and I bicker out our editors debates in real time (our show will be called Wed Bed Dead and you can guess the theme). Since it seems like a risk to get a haircut right before shooting any more episodes, I figured I’d get one now and let it settle in over Christmas break*. That way, I won’t be caught on camera amid those initial awkward first days of haircut.

You may be wondering why there’s a beautiful Rashida Jones up there instead of an iPhone selfie of the person who needs a haircut. The reasons for this are twofold: Rashida Jones has a similiar haircut to what I want and I think selfies are ignoble. Sorry.

So, yes. I’d like a shoulder length cut with bangs. Maybe shaggy layers. Not sure if bangs should be blunt or in kind of an arch.

After a while googling pictures of Marianne Faithful, Lou Doillon, and Freja Beha, I’m still not sold enough on a single look to print it out and bring it to the hair salon. This is close:

…But I think I want a thicker bang, which is a ridiculous phrase.

Even though it sounds like I have a pretty specific idea of what I want and crowdsourcing is probably pointless, I’m actually pretty open to all suggestions! I’m even trying to be an adult this time and not do what I usually do (bring in a picture of Keith Richards‘ mugshot).

Further, I’m somewhat worried that I want this haircut because I just started watching Parks and Rec like three weeks ago (nobody told me it’s perfect!) and it’s possible I just want this haircut because Ann Perkins is lit-ralee my favorite person (she’s not even! Threeway tie between Ron, Andy and Leslie).

*I’m also going to Portugal for said Christmas vacation. I booked the flight kind of randomly and know absolutely nothing about Portugal beyond watching the No Reservations Lisbon episode on YouTube. If anyone has any cool Lisbon recommendations (especially for food) I’ll also be crowdsourcing those, too, I guess.

Thanks for any and all help, guys.

(Main photo via Wenn, Freja via BeautyBanter)

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    • Candace

      Go for thicker bangs! All the way or nothing.

      Also, take me to Lisbon with you.

    • Fiona

      Freja’s cut + thicker bangs.

    • Dawn

      I will be in Portugal for New Years, so looking forward to your crowsourced info! But I’ll send you some of my “must do/sees” tonight, and recommend you check out the NY Times “Frugal Traveller” posts on Lisbon.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I have been mining foodblogs/Chowhound obsessively for weeks now, read the NYT’s pieces and am assembling a Google doc of things I must eat. Any and all info is welcome.

    • Joanna

      “Thicker bang” is an absurd phrase… and I think you should get that. Also, I went to Lisbon in October. It’s a cool city. You’ll have a great time. :)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        You’re a thicker bang.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Also, I agree.

      • Jennifer Wright


      • Ashley Cardiff

        It’s not a selfie if you take it for me. I think it’s just assault.

      • Jennifer Wright

        No, no, I’m going to do it really quietly, maybe while humming some Les Mis softly. I won’t even wake you up.

    • Cee

      Im not gonna lie. I clicked over only because I saw Rashida, one of my biggest girl crushes ever and was just thinking “what about her, Cardiff?!” but yes your hair! I love both ladies’ hair but I agree, thicker bangs. Are you going to stay in Portugal all the time, or will you venture out to neighboring countries while youre there?

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Going to be in Lisbon the whole time, thinking about spending a day or two in Porto. Plus a day trip to Sintra, which everyone says is insanely beautiful.

    • alexandra

      I think your bangs will be thicker than Freja’s anyway, because your hair is (I think?) a little thicker (damn it, now I am going in the direction of admitting I remember very specific details about the texture of near-strangers’ hair). By the way, you + Jen absolutely need to make an Editors Discuss about the varying degrees of nobility associated with different ways of being photographed. Sefie in a mirror: better or worse than straight selfie? Duckface if someone else is taking the photo? Important questions.

      ANYWAY YOUR HAIR. you will wash it, which freja has done, but then not put 1,000 spritzes of product in it, which she has also done.

      Don’t go too layered, is my suggestion, because that sometimes results in the bottom layer being kind of stringy and boring and also then annoying when you put it up in a ponytail, if you do that.

      I know zero things about Portugal. Have fun!

      • alexandra

        oh and also her bangs are too long. please don’t do that. ok, I’m done!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Alexandra, I wish we could be friends IRL.

      • alexandra

        Dude, me too.

    • Fabel

      I had to go back to a very specific post that I remembered had a picture of you, in order to attempt advice here. And that made me feel creepy! So, I am all for Jennifer taking “selfies” of you.

      Also, after all that, the only thing I’m really going to say is “ooh, yes. You could totally pull off a haircut like this!”

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • Jess

      I spent a few days in Lisbon this summer. The night life in Bairro Alto is amazing. It’s one of the most unique things I’ve ever experienced. Also Lisbon Chillout Tours provides a great free walking tour of the city. We ate a lot of food from little kiosk/hut things. It was all very cheap. There is a place called Orange in Bairro Alto that has unlimited Sangria/booze/soda and giant plates of delicious food. Check out Castello de Sao Jorge (I brought an old school ID and got the student discount) for some beautiful views. You can also easily take a bus to Belem (it’s not far) and try the Pasteis de Belem. There is a bakery (not hard to find) with delicious tarts. Have fun! It’s an amazing city :)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Oh, man. I have already done all the necessary egg custard tart research, my friend. But everything else has been noted.

    • amyK8

      Go for drinks one night at Chapito. It’s technically a clown school, but trust – it’s the best view in the entire city. I’ve never had the food there, but seek out a table with a view.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Technically a clown school!

      • amyK8

        It will be the best clown school you’ve ever had drinks in.

    • MR

      I’m sure whatever you chose turned out okay. You’re a beautiful woman. Por-tu-gal. :) I only know Brasil.

    • Phoebe

      I love Lisbon! Particularly how cheap it is relative to a lot of cities in Western Europe. Travessa da Queimada in the Barrio Alto has some good restaurants and great bars with live bands. I also second amyk8′s recommendation of Chapito. The food is great, and make sure you make a booking ahead of time to get one of the window seats to take advantage of the stunning view.

      One touristy thing to avoid are Fado restaurants, where your meal is accompanied by traditional live Portuguese folk music. They are usually way overpriced and you can get the same experience by wandering around the Alfama district and popping into one of the many bars with Fado musicians playing through the night. Alfama itself is gorgeous just for a wander and to get lost in the little streets and alleys.

    • alexandra

      Pics or it didn’t happen.