Video: Les Miserables Crew Members Talk About Their Strategies For Making Anne Hathaway Look Ugly

What with all this talk of Hollywood diets and the pressure to look thin in order to look good, it’s easy to forget that Anne Hathaway was actually on that starvation diet so she would look bad while playing an impoverished street prostitute in Les Miserables.

In a new featurette on the making of the film, the hair and makeup crew talk about their strategies for making the world of the French Revolution come to life. First on the agenda: helping Anne Hathaway to achieve Oscar-worthy levels of ugliness! “How can you make a beautiful woman not look beautiful?” the makeup artist asks. The answer: put her on an oatmeal paste diet, paint on some broken teeth, and give her a terrible haircut, for real, on camera. According to this clip, the haircut was actually Anne’s idea, and they tried to talk her out of it, but they couldn’t. My respect for her grows ever deeper.

They also discuss Jean Valjean, their template for those classic French whores, and how they made Helena Bonham Carter look even creepier than usual. It’s definitely worth watching if you’re into movie makeup and/or making pretty girls look ugly.

(Via Styleite)

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    • Amber

      Les Miserables is not set during the French Revolution

    • Lauren

      Really? You respect her more now because it was her idea to cut off her hair? My distaste for her grows with each new interview released about this movie. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for this movie and I know I will love it and will probably think she did an excellent job in it, based on what I’ve seen so far from the movie, but her as a person she is driving me nuts. OK WE GET IT YOU WANT AN OSCAR but stop shoving it down everyone’s throat that you really lost a bajillion pounds and you really cut off your hair. I’m sure if she didn’t really cut all her hair off her performance would be exactly the same because she’s not really selling her hair for a few francs. Instead she sold it for Oscar gold. I’m sure she would still get that Oscar whether or not she wore a wig. No one talks about what Hugh Jackman had to do to look gaunt while he was in jail at the beginning of this movie. Because he isn’t talking about it every chance he gets. I know some of it is the people interviewing her will ask but she just sounds so damn smug all the time like she is the first actress to ever do that.

      That’s enough, Anne Hathaway.