This Is The Most Desirable Woman In The World

According to the Ask Men survey, this is the world’s most desirable woman, and it is going to surprise you. I seriously thought it would be Mila Kunis. It’s not Mila Kunis! It’s a woman who has a 20 year old son!

sofia vergara

It’s Sofia Vergara, the star of Modern Family. And the thing that makes me happiest about this (aside from the fact that she’s proof that you can be sexy and be the mom of a fully grown child) is that Ask Men seemingly selected her as number one in large part because she’s funny. They claim:

Despite her obvious assets, Vergara’s also one very funny woman, lampooning stereotypes with her perfect timing. You don’t have to pretend to laugh at her jokes, even if you do have to make a concerted effort to pay attention to them.

I mean, that should have read “in addition to” not “despite” and I wish they were not seemingly merely pretending to laugh at most women’s jokes, but, no problem! Yay! Personality matters! Sofia Vergara! Good pick, Ask Men. Way to pick a female comedian who is not 20 years old.

Though, you know, I like Mila Kunis, too, but that’s just me.

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    • Jennifer Osorio

      Son. She has a 20-year-old son.

      • Jennifer Wright

        This is true. Do you think it’s odd for him to have the most desirable mom in the world? I bet it’s odd.

    • alexandra

      Also a curvy woman! NOT that Mila Kunis’ low weight undermines her desirability, but it’s a nice change from, say, Brooklyn Decker’s collarbones, which assaulted me from the cover of men’s magazines for what felt like all of college.

    • MR

      I’m glad these guys are finally capable of seeing some light. When I started moving into my mid to late 40s and could date again, I made a point of dating women closer to my age and not a lot younger. Women, in their late 30s and in their 40s, have experienced life and know what a man wants in a relationship. They’re obviously experienced lovers too.

    • jacaline

      I feel like because no one has said this yet, I’m missing something obvious, but Sophia Vergara is number twelve on askmen’s site, and Jennifer Lawrence is number one…

    • Candace

      Sofia was for last year. This years most desirable is Jennifer Lawrence. Who is younger than Mila Kunis.

      • MambaJamba

        The article was posted 29 days ago…which WAS last year.

    • LanceSmith

      “I wish they were not seemingly merely pretending to laugh at most women’s jokes”

      Considering these days it seems that most women’s jokes usually involve male-bashing, it isn’t all that surprising that most men pretend to laugh at most women’s jokes. You can’t legislate humor. It isn’t the fault of the audience if it doesn’t find the comedian funny. The comedian either needs to find a new audience or make sure her stuff is more palatable to her audience.