Red Carpet Rundown: Wacky, Tacky Looks From The American Country Awards

The American Country Awards is 1) an awards show and 2) one that was held last night at a casino in Las Vegas. Kristin Chenoweth hosted and some legitimate country music stars showed up–Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, some dudes we didn’t include because they’re lame ducks on red carpets, etc.

It was also attended by some truly inexplicable people. Let’s see what all of them wore!

Carrie Underwood went outside her sparkly neutral comfort zone with sparkly peach fringe (beading) and gold fringe shoes. Ugh. This whole thing is so far overboard. Too much makeup, too much glitter, too much everything.

LeAnn Rimes did a very eighties power LBD with snakeskin pumps. Bonus points for holding her clutch like a rolled up newspaper.

Why was Natasha Bedingfield there? We don’t know. She did sexy-drab.

It didn’t work.

Moreover, why was Carmen Electra there? This is a much more pressing matter than the red carpet. Is she launching a country music career? Did we learn nothing from the early ’90s?! We should probably do some Googling and investigate but…

This dress is genuinely horrible.

Further, she had two looks. This one was a significant improvement.

Happily, the other attendee (/host) with multiple looks was the adorable Kristen Chenoweth. Everybody likes Kristen Chenoweth!

Alas, she looks like she’s been holding that smile a little too long to be comfortable.

Miranda Lambert’s dress feels very Express.

Lea Michelle did Jewel‘s spray tan. Also, this dress feels even more Express.

(All photos via Wenn)

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    • alexandra

      Natasha Bedingfield’s dress is horrible but is the EXACT color I want my wedding dress to be. Maybe she’ll let me cut it up and sew it into something worth wearing? (Natasha Bedingfield, if you see this, contact me. I will not pay you, but I bet the stunt would get us on Buzzfeed Celeb).

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I have a lot of respect for the non-white wedding gown. You have a cut in mind?

      • alexandra

        I also want to go non-traditionally short, because at 5’2″ I have never worn a floor-length anything (except pants). I used to want strapless but I recently got a sweet back tat and so now I’m kind of shooting for more like this, but probably not lacy. Either cotton cady or some very demure silk. I would probably need to un-weave the cloth of her dress… yeah.

        I’m not even engaged. Pinterest is ruining me.

    • Ana

      What is going on with Miranda Lambert’s hair??!?!? Eeeek!

    • Breezy

      Natasha Bedingfield did a duet with Rascal Flatts recently-ish. So that might explain her presence.

      Wait, is it a duet? Because there are three of them and one of her… Does that make it a quartet? Ugh… Collaboration. That’s what they did.

    • gaby

      But that isn´t lea michele!