Gok Wan Designs Gorgeous Plus-Size Line For Simply Be Lingerie In SLiNK Magazine

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We here at The Gloss are all for the change of fashion industry standards. Whether it’s gorgeous models who don’t fit the typical mold gaining tons of success or others questioning the rules set forth for women’s bodies, we like new and different and fresh. Granted, many plus-size models still wind up being told to do the same poses and have the same lack of garments in said poses, but it is still wonderful to see shoots and product lines with plus-size women as the front face.

So when a few photos popped up around the Internet showing model Michelle from Milk Model Management in fashion blogger Gok Wan’s new line of lingerie for British brand Simply Be, we were all sorts of curious. Turns out that this Michelle may be a breakout star, looking absolutely stunning in all of Wan’s creations for a shoot in SLiNK magazine, a publication dedicated to plus-size fashion. According to SLiNK:

“The collection Gok does with Simply Be always feels romantic, vintage and super glamorous and puts other shapewear to shame. We really wanted to celebrate the fact that for once there is an exclusive collection for curvier women that feels fresh, modern and totally sexy as well as having a fantastic functional aspect. The shoot was based around the theatrics of showgirls and oozes the glamour that every woman can feel in Gok’s amazing lingerie collection.”

Everything about the garments, modeling and photos is all fantastic and dreamy in that exceptionally pretty way that makes me want to buy every piece of underwear I can find and carry a portable light diffuser with me.

My only issue with the entire thing is actually a note on the Huffington Post article regarding the shoot. The editor writes, “(Ed. note: While it might seem bogus that a figure like Michelle’s is deemed “plus-size,” that’s the technical term the industry has afforded models size 12 [U.S.] and up.)” Um, yeah, editor — you kind of just made it sound like being called “plus-size” is a terrible insulting term when, in fact, it’s not. I’m a size 10/12 which is right on the brink, and I am a-okay with the term. Do I think not having a separate category for non-thin women would make shopping easier? Yes. But do I think being bigger is negative? No.

Anyway, without further adieu, please check out this absolutely gorgeous model in these lovely, lovely designs.

Photos: Gok Wan

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    • Lo

      Gok’s heart is in the right place, but he has a long way to go when it comes to flattering shapes. The bras here look bulky and flatten the models, and the cup panels are not in the best place to shove your boobs forward. The designs… coloured shapewear is nice, I guess, but it’s not going to do much good if it shows through fabric. Worst of all, the size range seems to stop at a 30 and a UK G (US I) cup, so it only caters to small-to-medium boobs. I’ll stick to Spanx and a really good bra.

      • iamthegreatcornholio

        I’m happy they’re catering to small-to-medium boobs since 99.9% of plus size clothing and lingerie is cut for large boobs. Not all of us are DDD’s.

      • Lo

        DDD (E UK) is on the dainty end, when the fit’s right. It’s still new for a brand to run to a G, but that’s dead on medium. A lingerie brand that knows what it’s doing should run to at least a J (preferably K) in the cup and a 28 in the band.

    • alexandra

      I can’t quite get behind the fringe on those shorts. Are you supposed to wear it underneath other stuff? Like actual pants?

      • SLiNK magazine

        The fringe shorts were just part of the shoot styling – they aren’t actually part of the lingerie range.

    • lucygoosey74

      I like the melon colored shapewear, and I really do prefer simple bras with clean lines that you can actually wear under a t shirt without lace and other embelishments showing through. I don’t think this lingerie is particularly remarkable, but I like it better than the ” victoria’s secret make your boobs look 3 cup sizes larger and push them up to your chin” look.

    • Poetre

      I was looking for a place to write this. First of all who said skinny women are beautiful? Beauty is about sensuality and skinny women are only sensual to men with small penises. Those men simply do not have enough length to penetrate a voluptuous woman and satisfy her. So they made their idea of beauty the standard and have women all over the world eating and throwing it up to be beautiful when in fact skinny women are gross. I do not want my pelvic bone rubbing up against another bone. I am not advocating fat women are beautiful, but 10% body fat has never made a woman anything other than voluptuous and that’s sexy. I felt the need to say this for men with decent size penises and above.