Red Carpet Rundown: The Very Worst Red Carpet Looks Of 2012

Red Carpet Worsts 2012

Yesterday, we brought you our picks for the finest red carpet looks of the year, featuring the usual paragons of good taste–Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Naomi Watts, etc. Today, we bring you the opposites, the looks we remember this year because they were ill-fitting, unflattering, color clashing, over-the-top and just plain ugly.

Gird your eyeballs.


 Kristen Stewart premiered the last installment of Twilight in this.


Rihanna launched her fragrance as a muppet with the cheesiest hair ever.

Ugh, this one hurts. We root for Christina Hendricks every time, but she so seldom knocks it out of the park on the red carpet.

And how? She’s beautiful, poised, elegant, has an awesome body, good posture, bone structure, skin etc, etc, etc, everything. But then she shows up at the Elle Style Awards, looking like this.

Cate Blanchett, how could you do this to us? It looks like a craft project.

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    • Maggie

      You know, I think if Christina Aguilera would just quit it with the spray tan, that ensemble would’ve looked a lot better. Not good, just better than horrible.

      • Candace

        Agreed. And WHO gets paid to do her makeup? It’s always awful. I don’t think she’s taken it off since she filmed the Lady Marmalade video.

    • at

      Defending Demi Lovato because I think she can do whatever she wants ever since she was honest with the world about what she was going through. All power to ya, Demi. Now if Lindsay would just be honest with us, I’d defend her too…

      Speaking of LiLo, shouldn’t the Liz & Dick red carper frock take the place of the boob gown?

    • jiraf

      Demi Lovato’s dress is awesome (is it Balenciaga? who knows, I think it rocks). And… um… well… . Well. I actually like Kim Kardashian’s velvet dress (I think we are programmed to just hate blindly when it comes to anything Kim Kardashian -not that she doesn’t deserve it- but I think the dress is pretty sweet). Like if Florence Welch wore it it’d be awesome.

    • Alexis H

      Awwww yeah, this is the list I’ve been waiting for. I really kind of like Kimmy K’s dress, but probably because I’m in holiday velvet-loving mode and emerald is the new big thing so it suddenly looks better now than it did at the time. But it was definitely, definitely out of place at that event, so I can see the inclusion here.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        It’s also really ill-fitting!

      • Alexis H

        True that! Velvet is right up there with satin (I see you, Lindsay Lohan) in the top worst fabrics to let bunch up on your shoulders or stretch tightly across your wider parts. I speak from experience.

    • anya

      ehh i guess i agree with about half of these….some are truly horrendous and, while the others aren’t great, I definetly think there have been worse red caroet looks this year.

    • loves elegance

      As a child we visited the circus several times. It seems many of these red carpet looks were inspired by those very circus performers costumes. sigh

    • JennyWren

      I don’t think Lucy Hale belongs here. It’s not a great dress, but it is at least saved by being classic black. And I sort of like the neckline, though I would have liked it a lot more without the drapery business hanging off the side and with maybe another six inches on the hem? Nor do I think Christina Hendricks looks truly terrible here- it’s a tad mumsy, but the color works for her. Everyone else, I grant you, is a car wreck.

    • lucygoosey74

      Haha, I must admit, I enjoy the worst dressed lists so much more than the best dressed lists. Rhianna looks like an old lady in Florida (I’ve spent lots of time in Florida..I’m practically an expert in this matter) and Christina Hendricks dress looks like something my spinster aunt would have worn for the holidays in 1984 ( however, she would have ROCKED it!). I honestly don’t think I have to say one word about Melody Thornton’s get speaks for itsself.