Everyone Hates Jessica Biel

jessica biel

Apparently everyone hates Jessica Biel? The Daily News says “Face it, Jessica, Hollywood just isn’t that into you.” I thought that was a reference to the film He’s Just Not That Into You (a film which Jessica Biel seems like she would have been in but actually, she was not.

The Daily News explains:

“Being married to Justin Timberlake is her calling card at the moment,” the insider tells Confidenti@l. “There is nothing extraordinary about her, like Carey Mulligan or even Amy Adams, so she’s not on the studios’ radar unless they’re love-interest roles.”

One agent we talked to suggests that “she should get an acting coach and do an independent film or two that would show off her talent, not her beauty.”

Biel’s reps did not return calls for comment.

I strongly suspect the reason they did not comment was the whole “you were writing an article about how much people hate Jessica Biel” thing.

You know, normally when things like this come up, I’m like “people who don’t like Keira Knightley are just bodysnarking!” or “Anne Hathaway is great!” but honestly, I’ve never been that crazy about Jessica Biel? It’s solely a factor of not being able to think of any movie that she’s been in that I’ve loved, I’m sure she’s delightful in person, and she and Justin Timberlake seem like they’re a fun couple.

Anyone love her? Why?

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    • Ana

      I’m not crazy about Jessica Biel either. I guess there is nothing that stands out about her? I’m not sure what it is, but it is similar to my irrational dislike of Anne Hathaway. My boyfriend loves Jessica Biel though–at least for her looks.

    • Guest

      I like her. She’s not a great actress but she’s not the worst either that you can save for Jessica Alba. I liked her Texas Chainsaw the best and Hitchcock was really good. That being said she should stick to supporting roles in good films and not try to be the lead at least until she’s had a few hits

    • Ann

      She has said anything offense, never went on a racial or homophobic tirade, never hit anyone, isn’t a friggen hot mess coming out of clubs or getting arrested every wk ala Lohan so I don’t see a reason to not like her. She just needs a better agent or someone to help her pick better movies

      • Ann

        She has never said *****

      • iamthegreatcornholio

        Zing! That’s what does it for me, she comes across as cardboard, beige and boring as oatmeal. She may be positively delightful in person but to me she reads flat all around.

    • Candace

      I love her in that movie about magic….The Illusionist!
      But that was 6 years ago (holy shit where did the last 6 years go)
      I agree she hasn’t been in anything spectacular recently.

      Maybe they’ll do a 7th Heaven reunion.

      • Kate

        I liked that movie too! It’s actually the only thing I can remember her in.

      • Amy

        I LOVE that movie. But then I love Edward Norton and he just plays that role so well (subtly commanding = v sexy). She was pretty good in it.

      • MR

        You forgot ‘Easy Virtue’. Yeah, she knows how to Tango. Joan Baez does too.

    • Ally

      I don’t know if I can even name a movie she’s in but she has a banging body and a great ass. She seems really into fitness so I like to think she’d be my workout buddy. Yep, I like Jessica Biel because of her ass.

    • Betty

      Why do we have to choose women to hate, again?

      • Utallpoppycutters

        I’m so sorry to all of you; you are obviously actors, purveyors of beautiful people and stunning yourselves. If I was successful God knows I’d be looking for justification from you ass clowns. People, get a quarter of her success then comment – oh and thanks for the token feminist comment, we need those too!
        Armchair critics, talentless under achievers that obviously need to get other interests.

    • Cee

      I love her superficially ? I found her very hot during her Chainsaw Massacre/Aerosmith video era. Besides, I feel bad for her?

    • JCA

      I don’t hate her. I’m bored by her. As someone pointed out, she’s not a trainwreck like Lilo and I do appreciate that, but…ugh…just do something – anything – interesting! Make a movie that people would not expect. Slap Justin in the face in public the next time you think he’s cheating. Do something to make me think you have emotions. Oh! That’s what it is! She seems emotionless. It might just be a public front, but she’s the only actor I can think of who never seems to be interested in anything or feeling anything.

      • SM

        that was the most ridiculous comment that I’ve ever read.

    • alexandra

      I love her because she’s beautiful and looks great in Ralph Lauren. I also love Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, and Alexa Chung. DGAF

      • alexandra

        Although, I just remembered Anne Helen Peterson’s excellent post about the (unintentionally?) tasteless video she & JT made before their wedding. But I feel like that probably wasn’t her idea, so I still don’t hate her.

    • Cloudy888

      I used to like her until a few years ago she made a ridiculous comment about being too beautiful to get any good roles. She thinks if she wasn’t so pretty she would get the roles that go to Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. Both of those women are absolutely beautiful and very talented, it’s so insulting that Biel thinks they get good roles because their beauty isn’t distracting like she claims hers is and not because they’re more talented. And in a world where Angelina Jolie exists and has a fabulous repertoire so nobody has any business claiming they are too beautiful to get cast in good roles. Funny enough, since that comment, Biel has never looked uglier.

      • Mike

        They aren’t really more talented. They just got better offers. And Jessica is the perfect specimen.

    • Catherine

      She DON’T deserve Justin Timberlake! I really dislike her face I dont know why….

      • Aleesha Chapoor

        It should be britney

    • Catherine

      U know what? I was really happy to see Olivia Wilde ( She’s sooo attractive) with Justin in that time… BUT why Jessica ?!?! Wth :( I dislike her from head to toe

    • bluemoon

      First things first, she isnt drop dead gorgeous. She isnt even gorgeous. I have asked a few of the guys I hang with and they say she is-shrug their shoulders-ok. I then ask them, how about her body? That too got a shrug from their shoulders and a “it’s better then her face” comment. Damn. This is why Hollywood gives you no offers, becasue the male population finds you “ok” not hot not beautiful, not anything but just ok. No man is running to the theater, purchasing tickets to see you. In fact, no sh*t I asked this, would you rather do Britney or Jessica and Britney won 4 to 1, and girlfriend has been through SO much more then no role offers. Britney, apparently is still hot to the male pop. and gets them going. She is a b*tch, Ryan Gosling has just informed the world that he played spin the f*cking bottle with her. And now theses five sh*ts that Iam sitting with are going on and on how they would love to spin the bottle with Britney. Britney would get roles, ya know why?? Becasue the boys STILL all want her……

    • Bas

      First of all, why hate anyone, especially someone doing nothing wrong? Secondly, she is gorgeous, smart, working hard and one of the few hollywood women who stays healthy by eating well and play sports a lot rather than not eating at all….if anything that ought to be a rolemodel…

    • Betty Booper

      She posed for playboy. Then was in an adam sandler film, where he fondled her breasts.

    • hjohnson

      Lets not forget the Allure mag article she did saying that she doesn’t get any good role bc she is too pretty………who says that?

    • Tony

      This is a ridiculous blog. How would you like someone to write a blog called “Everyone hates you”? Have a little compassion for this person’s feelings. I am sure they might be hurt be blogs like this.

      Jessica Biel has beautiful sultry Pisces type eyes.(if she is a Pisces I am not sure)
      She also shows herself to be a talented actress in movies such as Next and the Illusionist and I do not believe her looks overshadow or undermine her acting ability.

      If Hollywood is overlooking her, as suggested, but I doubt, they are doing her a favor. No one should have to kiss butt to establish themselves.

      Leave the poor girl alone. Give her some privacy and stop publishing blogs like this one.

      Enough said.

    • DJ

      It’s funny….I always loved Jessica in 7th Heaven. Then didn’t really “get” why Justin was into her, but I love the fact that she goes out in public all the time without any make up, and they seem to really love each other and have fun together. I was also thinking I’d never seen any movies with her in it, but then I remembered, I really liked “I Now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry”. Funny movie and she was super cute in it. Love Justin – so I respect that he chose her as his wife. ;o)

    • Donthatethegirl

      Jennifer Lawrence isn’t any better when it comes to acting and uglier too, yet she is hollywood’s fav, for reasons I can’t understand. As for having her husband as a calling card… Timberlake is utterly untalented too. Can’t act his way out of a paper bag and I wouldn’t call whining singing either. So in a way they are a good match. :-)

    • Jack Tarangul

      I liked Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Powder Blue, Blade Trinity, The Illusionist, The Tall Man, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, her SNL and Family Guy bits, her modeling pics, and her powerfully built sex appeal. How’s that?

    • Monique

      I liked her in Blade specifically. I was probably more drawn to her action figure presence than any particular acting ability, but really, action movies are really the place where one would showcase their ability to act. I think she would be better in strong female roles but I do not often see her in those.

      • Monique


    • Besotted

      I just saw her in the 2001 movie Summer Catch. Admittedly she is 13 years younger but what a honey and for my money she managed to do a very convincing portrayal of the role. She is a talented actress fist and a beautiful female second.