Do You Believe Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Trick?

kelly osbourne weight lossKelly Osbourne weight loss

Look, I really love Kelly Osbourne, and it has a lot to do with wishing I could dye my hair grey. But when I heard her tip for women who want to lose weight, I kind of felt like it was ridiculous.

She told In Touch Magazine:

‘People think I lost weight and then got happy, but that’s not how it works. You have to get happy first. I made a life change, and the weight loss was an amazing perk.’

I mean, that sounds really, really zen, but, no. Or at least, I’m not inclined to believe this because I think the notion that “happy people are all skinny” is as ridiculous as “fat people are all jolly.” In reality, people of every size can be bitter, dried out, vengeful husks.

I don’t think Kelly Osbourne lost weight because she became happy. I think she lost weight by doing this:

Aside from her one cheat-day a week, where she indulges in pizza, Kelly stays pretty consistent with her diet. “For breakfast, I will eat either cereal or a little omelet thingy made with egg whites, mushrooms and spinach. Lunch is usually a salad or a turkey burger. And then for dinner, I’ll have brown rice with vegetables and some kind of meat.”

And I will say that if I had to live off of brown rice and vegetables 6 days a week I would be the opposite of happy.

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    • alexandra

      I hate to say it but… it is true, for me at least, that a better overall outlook means that I lose a little weight. Mostly this is because I actually care about things, so I eat heathy foods at regular times and don’t spend days on end in bed. She’s a healthy weight and it sounds like she does it in a healthy way, because when you take care of yourself, your body evens out to wherever it needs to be in the wide, wide range of healthy bodies.

      That said, you’re right– it depends on what your body is already like, how much you weigh to begin with, etc. I think the only thing you can really say is that being unhappy CAN affect your weight, and it CAN make you a little heavier. But it could just as easily make you thinner or not affect your weight. Her story is nice, but she definitely shouldn’t say “you just need to get happy first” as though it’ll work the same way for everyone.

      It is good advice though.

      • Luna

        People use “you” when they mean “I” all the time. It’s a big pet peeve of mine.

    • msenesac

      For me, being happy is pretty important to weight loss. When I am stressed or anxious, I start eating junk and tons of it. I’ve lost all the weight from grad school/baby/work by lifting weights, but it also helped that I work from home 3 days out of the week. Not having to deal with the idiots in my office face-to-face has made me MUCH happier and thus able to eat healthier (and keep the weight off).

    • JennyWren

      I think she’s got a point in as much as it’s easier to maintain a healthy diet if you’re in a happy and stable place. In my experience, when you’re stressed, busy, or depressed (and everyone will be one of the three at some point in their lives) it’s far more difficult to be disciplined about what you eat; healthy food generally isn’t synonymous with convenience and it does take effort.
      However, I agree that saying “oh, just be happy and you’ll get thin!” is a silly thing to say (and I think that’s probably more to do with In Touch’s desire to get a good soundbite that with Kelly’s intention), not least because it suggests that overweight people must be miserable bastards, and there are more than enough dumb-ass stereotypes out there already. I would think Kelly, as a person who has worked hard to lose weight, would be the first to tell you how much work it takes and how boring it is a lot of the time.

      It’s sort of like the actresses that tell you they maintain a size 2 figure with yoga and walking the dogs- balls they do. They do yoga, walking the dogs, and an extremely well-tailored nutritionally engineered diet, helped along with a generous dose of beneficial DNA.

    • Fabel

      She’s also said she never eats food the same color as her plate or something, didn’t she? And some people were all “Oh, good idea!” but, no. I just don’t understand how that is supposed to work.

    • Candace

      The dress in that picture should be called “Goth Tinkerbell.”

    • Ara

      I don’t know. I think there’s a lot of truth in it. I recently lost nearly 2 stone (30-ish pounds) after YEEEEEEARS of trying. And I only started losing weight when i decided I was happy the way I was anyway.