When It Comes To Holiday Shopping Do You Buy Gifts For Everyone You Know Or Just Family?



My friend Bess is the type of person who feels the need to buy Christmas gifts for every single person she’s ever met. It’s weird, it doesn’t make sense and a lot of the time she’s confused as to why she didn’t get a gift in return. Well, Bess, maybe the mailman doesn’t like you as much as you like him. OK?

I stopped giving gifts outside my immediate family years ago. I think college was the last time I exchanged a gift with a friend and that was with Bess. These days my friends and I do holiday dinners where gifts are never exchanged, and Bess has been give a strict “No Gifts For Mandy” rule. It’s hard for her to stick to it, but considering the fact that she gives gifts to everyone else under the sun, I think she’s dealing with this just fine.

But what about you? Are you like Bess — the type who buys gifts for every single person you’ve ever known (she even buys presents for ex-boyfriends), or do you just stick to your family? Yes, the holiday season is about giving, but at some point you need to draw the line.

When it comes to holiday shopping, do you buy gifts for everyone or just family?

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    • Maggie

      I buy actual gifts for my family, my fiance’s family, and my 2 best friends. For everyone else (coworkers, acquaintances, etc.), I make an unholy amount of Christmas cookies, wrap them up in Christmas cellophane bags with ribbon, and just hand them out. That way, it’s cheaper than buying individual gifts, and people who know you still get a little something.

    • meteor_echo

      I buy/make/draw gifts for my best friends. The ones I buy for my family are kind of cheap and obligatory.

    • Cate

      Is Bess good at selecting gifts for people? Because if so I totally want her number.

    • Penny

      Something in between. I can’t exactly explain how it’s done, but the gift-giving relationship becomes quickly established with everyone. It’s rarely a formal discussion. It might be “I’m totally buying you that next year” at some random point, or you do what you feel like or they do what they feel like and that just sets the tone for both of us. I have close friends I don’t exchange gifts with, and a long-distance cousin I do.