Gallery: Kendall Jenner Almost Looks Like A Real Model In Blank Magazine


The name of Spanish fashion magazine Blank is a good summation of the Kardashian mindset, so it stands to reason that wee Kardashian Kendall Jenner would continue upstaging her half-sister Kim by serving as the cover model for their January issue. And get this: I almost forgot I was looking at Kendall Jenner for a second. She’s got her fashion poses down pat, including that weird one where you pretend like you are having a sexy migraine (above). Writes Kim Kardashian in her blog: “Wow I’ve never seen Kendall like this!!!!!!” Omg, she looks incredible. Big congrats to my little sis for her new cover of BLANK Magazine. Xo,” so you basically know she is about to get married, have a baby and climb The New York Times building in response to this affront to her stardom. What else do Blank Magazine and Kendall Jenner, fashion model have in store for us? Click through to see.

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Photos: Blank Magazine

Kendall Jenner In Blank Magazine

I've got a sexy migraine and the only cure is more fashion.

Kendall Jenner In Blank Magazine

Look at that nose, cute as a button. But who is Kendall Izer?

Kendall Jenner In Blank Magazine

This will make you feel old: Kendall Jenner was not alive for any part of the decade after which her dress is styled.

Kendall Jenner In Blank Magazine

These strike me as rather Glamour Shots-y, no? I bet Kendall doesn't remember those, either.

Kendall Jenner In Blank Magazine

If you didn't tell me this was Kendall Jenner, I'd probably think it was just some random model. It's not like she's not old enough to be one. (She's 17.)
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    • MyDearGirl

      she neeeds a transformation.. branch out from the kardashian hair. Something edgier.

    • nat

      is it just me or does she have gigantic hands?! hehe

    • Starving Artist

      I walked I walked in a show with her during Fashion Week. She brought her own hair and makeup people. Her look didn’t follow the theme of the show and she walked like the beginner she was. If she wants to be taken seriously she should lose the family influences and money and work on her walk, attend casting and let the designers run the show like the real models do.