Why I Think Courtney Stodden Is Going To Have An Affair

Notice Courtney Stodden is  surrounded by this bevy of shirtless men:

courtney stodden

It’s because she’s casting the love interest for her latest music video, which comprises a lot of reaching out and longingly touching their pecs while Doug, who suddenly looks very old indeed, sits next to her.

You should watch a video of the entire process at CelebBuzz, because, well, because it seems interesting and also maybe a little bit sad. It’s as though Courtney is a young girl married to a Roman Emperor, and despite the fact that these men are probably her age, she gets to choose their destinies by waving her hands about.

I think that’s the plot of like, half of silent movies, really.

That aside! Courtney Stodden was also seen out enthusiastically embracing whichever shirtless hunk was chosen to play her love interest. According to The Daily Mail,

Dressed in a very skimpy outfit, the 18-year-old bounded over to the actor and wrapped her arms around him.

It is surely not a sight that will have gone down well with Courtney’s husband Doug Hutchison.

The Green Mile star, 52, accompanied his wife to the meeting, perhaps in order to keep a close eye on her.

Click on the article to see a picture of Doug looking really sad.

I don’t know how I feel about this except to feel that, at some point, the prospect of a much younger woman – who is known for tweeting about sex every night, and hastily married a much older man – having an affair seems…possible.

Picture via screengrab Celebuzz

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    • Kristy

      Can we discuss the photos from dailymail.co.uk you linked?! SHE HAS NEW SHOES. I never thought we would see the day those terrible lucite heels would disappear. Also, that girl must have on at least three bras for one to stick out that low under her crop-top. Everyone says she has had breast augmentation but I really think she just stuffs her three bras based on all of the photos I have seen. I am slightly ashamed I even know this much about Stodden (sigh).

      • http://twitter.com/JenAshleyWright Jennifer Wright

        OH MY GOD HER NEW SHOES. I like them more than the luccite ones.

      • Kristy

        Agreed, they are so much better. I will never be able to wrap my mind around why women wear heels that high though. I would fear for my life if those were on my feet!

    • Jenny

      I hope she does have an affair. I feel like sleeping with someone closer to her own age and less creepy-I-asked-my-child-bride’s-parents-for-permission-to-marry-her-when-she-was-16 would be a good thing.

    • Blondie

      Saw Courtney Stodden on the Bethany Franklyn show today, she said she wants to go back to being a teenager. Well, I am happy to hear that, and suggest the first thing she needs to do is get rid of those big ass breasts. Wear less revealing clothes and go back to school.