What Song Did You Lose Your Virginity To?

virginity lossI’m finding it very difficult to come up with topics today. It’s seems almost insensitive and frivolous to write about fashion and sex with the tragedy that took place this morning in Sandy Hook. My heart is literally broken for those children and their families, that trying to make sense of it is dominating my brain. But as a blogger, I have to move on to other topics, if only to briefly distract us. So let’s talk about music and virginity.

The loss of one’s virginity is, for most, a really big deal. Even before it happens you sort of envision this perfect scenario. I thought I’d lose it in a field of daisies somewhere and it would be to a Jordan Catalano clone. That, of course, didn’t happen. And I know I’ve mentioned a couple times, in passing, to what song I did lose it, but since it’s a horrible, absolutely dreadful song, I’m not going to bring it up again. It’s Friday; no one needs that in their head.

But whether or not it was planned, some people lose their virginity to a specific song. Either it was on the radio or they prepared for the big event in some silly Donna Martin finally beds David Silver sort of way. (Wasn’t she wearing some hideous white lingerie, too? But I digress.)

So, ladies, care to share what song you lost your virginity to? I’m really hoping someone lost it to Nickelback so I can make fun of you forever.


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    • Ms. Pants

      Monday, February 17, 1992 (Presidents’ Day)

      Shut up.

      • Amanda Chatel

        As a Smiths fan, I can’t make fun of you for that. Basically, you just failed.

      • Ms. Pants

        How about the fact that I was wearing black spandex shorts before the act took place? Is that humiliating enough for you? HUH? IS IT?!

        (in fairness, my ass was much smaller then.)

    • alexandra

      I wasn’t even paying attention. Probably Bonnie Prince Billy, homeboy never stopped with that shit.

      With the same guy (first college bf) I once tried to have sex to “Fuck the Pain Away” by Peaches, but we both agreed it was too weird and stopped after a few seconds. That wasn’t the first time we’d had sex, but I guess I could lie about it for the sake of the story…

      • Amanda Chatel

        Oh, Bonnie Prince Billy… le sigh.

    • Cate

      I’m actually pretty proud of my musical choice despite the fact that it was sort of an accident. The event began during California Uber Alles and continued through most of Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death by the Dead Kennedys. That band has actually figured somewhat prominently in my sexual history, or at least more prominently than it probably has for most people.

    • Cee

      German trance music…yea ugh..

    • TMuns

      Some really cheesy Regeatton (youtube Wisin y Yandel or Tito el Bambino)
      There was definitely also incense and candles. His doing.

    • Bren Mur

      I lost mine to Jim Morrison spoken word poetry. In the middle, there was a line: “And her c*** gripped him like a warm, friendly hand.”

      • Amanda Chatel

        Shut up! Although I technically lost it to “One of Us” by Joan Osborne (as in the actually moment), we had started getting busy while listening to Jim Morrison’s spoken word…

    • Precious

      “Like A Virgin”! Absolutely perfectly true story.

      • Amanda Chatel


    • Breezy

      Summer after my 21st birthday. Got tipsy and decided to end this virginity charade once and for all. Booty-called my ex, who was a 32 year old unemployed asshole. Predictably, he was also tipsy.

      No music during, but afterward I told him that was my first time and he sang me “Girl you’ll be a woman soon” by Neil Diamond. One of the only stories I have about him where he was not being an absolute douche.

    • Nikola

      There was a movie playing in the background.
      It was Blazing Saddles.

      The eating beans around the campfire scene happened mid coitus.

      Boom. I win.

      • paperraincoat

        Not my first time, but I gave a blow job to the first Jackass movie. Including the ass car part. That man could keep a boner through anything.

    • lilmermaid

      “The Setup” by Obie Trice. Romantic, I know.

    • anna

      While my boyfriend’s high school band was practicing. Without him, obviously. So some punk-ska rock atrocity without a bass player.

    • Amelia

      Boys to men: I’ll make love to you, then when he finished Rkelly :Seems like you’re ready came on. Hilarious note, I was 17 he was 25. Perfect song for the stuff that went down lmfao

    • http://twitter.com/nataliezutter Natalie Zutter

      I actually lost my virginity to a repeat of The Office. So yeah, I remember glimpsing Michael Scott’s face over my then-boyfriend’s shoulder. Shudder.

    • Cary

      Champagne Supernova. 1998.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rex.alexi.9 Alexi Alizadeh

      Hotel California !

    • Kayla

      We were watching Good Morning Vietnam. You’re welcome.