• Tue, Dec 18 2012

The Kardashian Annual Holiday Card Is Out, Is Just As Obnoxious, Awful And Annoying As Ever

Can you imagine if this was your family?

Can you imagine if this was your family?

Let’s pretend you’re going about your day and everything is sailing smoothly. Perhaps the sun is shining or you just got a raise, or maybe you even found out that you’re going to be the next Secretary of State. Things are great! Everything is dreamy. You’re on a fucking cloud and you might even cry tears of joy because things are THAT AWESOME.

Then, you go to your mailbox, because that’s what people do, and you get the above holiday card. How do you feel? How’s your gag reflex, old chap?

Of course, if you’ve received this, you probably only have yourself to blame, because you either, A. Willing friended these people, B. Someone who hates you and put your name on a list for this type of malarkey, or C. You’re friends with me and I want to torture you just for shit and giggles. I’m sorry.

If you don’t find yourself in any of the aforementioned categories, I just thought you’d like to see this year’s glorious Kardashian holiday card. See how glorious it is? See how fancy and fun they are? Does your holiday card look like this? No? Obviously you know NOTHING about the holiday spirit then, because this is spirit. This is glamour, this is… making me feel a bit nauseated.

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  • Ms. Pants

    It looks like they’re trying to sell me tampons.

  • Sarah

    ummm… they forgot one.

  • Sean

    As long as I only look at the baby, this is perfectly acceptable.

    Hi little pudgie-face.

  • diane

    my cat of 14 years died today, i would never photoshop a dead animal into a picture, UGH, shameless, although to be expected from this crew, somebody call peta please to give the cat some respect

  • Dilemma

    So I spent a good 2 minutes trying to figure out who the elderly woman in the middle is. Oh god, that’s Bruce Jenner.

  • lucygoosey74

    That’s bad enough to gag a maggot.

  • JD1986

    One of those people farted and there is a lingering smell in that room and nobody wants to admit to it