How Attractive Are You To Men?

Ladies, Esquire 1949 is here to help you understand how to be attractive to men (and whether your crazy hat is already attractive men!) Take note of no. 5: Do  men marvel at your capacity to hold your liquor?

They shouldn’t. Don’t be afraid to be a sloppy mess. Let your mascara just run down your face in rivulets, lady.

Esquire is definitely not the first magazine to do this – this is all lady magazines, all the time, really, even us, sometimes – but I think they are the first to take such a hard line regarding knitting. Enjoy:

are you attractive to men?

men3Okay, my other favorite might be number 14: do you keep your friendships warm by chatty calls to your male friends at the office?

For a second I thought “people were so warm and conversational and talkative after three martini lunches in the 1950s!” but, no, I am wrong. That was fatal. No one should talk during the day.

I assume g-chatting is fine.

Though, to be fair, I absolutely love conversation starters like “what movie would you like to see if you had to watch it every week for a year” (it’s different than your favorite movie!) so it’s not all the worst advice in the entire world.

Via The Worker Dandyist International

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    • Candace

      Oh shit, Id better learn to play bridge!

    • MR

      Yes, I’m not going to tell you what a woman does to cause me to want to connect with her. :)

    • Alexis Helen

      Some of these could almost be good advice if phrased differently–not shit-talking about other women seems like a good one.
      And “if you kiss a man it should be for your own pleasure” is very sound advice in general.
      I love conversation starters too–they help a lot because I get too nervous to speak sometimes and they put the attention on my date. And I have well-practiced answers to my own questions. My favorite is “When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

      I cracked up so badly at the no office calls rule. One chatty call and the engagement is off!

    • Matthew McVeagh

      I love 9! That is so funny!