Cara Delevingne, Put Down The Burger

cara delevingne burgerOh, Cara Delevingne, you have nothing to prove. And while eating burgers is great, I feel like it’s odd that we live in a world where there is so much excitement over Victoria’s Secret Models tweeting pictures of themselves about to inhale an In-N-Out burger.

There is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with eating In-N-Out burgers. They’re nice, they taste good, it’s probably healthiest not to eat them every single day, but cool, yes, of course everyone should have one now and then.

But t it’s a bit odd that approximately half of the profiles of beautiful women begin with the interviewer saying “then she tucked into a greasy burger.” Look, do you know what I would probably not do if I was being employed to maintain a certain body shape? Tuck into greasy burgers on a regular basis. That’s reasonable. Maintaining a certain weight, even if you have a great metabolism, can be tricky. It’s certainly something that you’d pay attention to if that was a large part of your job. I actually have more sympathy for stars trying to get in shape who have to avoid say, any foods with gluten, even if that makes them sound high maintenance.

Whenever I read interviews wherein Cara Delevingne is exclaiming:

‘I always get so excited cooking chicken wings. I don’t know, because it’s chicken wings! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chicken wings. You say chicken wings and everyone’s like “What, what? Chicken wings? I’m there.” Chicken wings and beer, chicken and beer. Perfect.’


‘First thing I do when I get to America… get a McDonalds’.

I kind of feel like this is being done to perpetuate a cool male fantasy that there are women eating entire buffet spreads and never gaining a pound. In reality, most women do need to… not survive off of burgers and chicken wings if they want to look a certain way.

And really, even if you are naturally thin, as Cara is, it’s probably a good idea to occasionally eat something a little bit healthy. Just because it will be good for you in the long run! But then, eating a nice salad probably does not photograph nearly as well as an In-N-Out burger.

Picture via @Caradelevingne

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    • lucygoosey74

      Yes, models posing with food is insanely irritating. I could stand to lose 20 pounds, and believe me, I don’t want anyone taking my picture when I’m inhaling a big mac! On another note, her eyebrows are terrifying. I know that thicker brows are in at the moment, but damn girl, those are some caterpillars!

    • Candace

      I think she needs burgers to fuel her eyebrows.

    • JennyWren

      The thing is, maintaining a healthy weight and a toned body is, for the vast majority of people, all about self-control. In the West most of us live in a manner in which it is easy to consume calories and frequently inconvenient to burn them off. So it takes a lot of discipline to manage that. But self-control and discipline aren’t generally considered sexy characteristics. Hedonism, self-indulgence and sensualism are far easier to sell, especially if what you’re trying to sell is sexy undies. So we have a ridiculous situation in which women who are paid a lot of money to maintain these idealized figures are simultaneously under pressure to make it look effortless.

      I have noticed, however, that when a model/actress is trying to do the non-sexy thing interviewers report different foods being consumed. So if someone is being interviewed about their new off-Broadway theater piece or their charity work, suddenly it’s all chicken salads and green tea, because then we’re meant to be admiring their ethical or intellectual qualities, and self-control plays well in these circumstances.

    • Cee

      Get a Mcdonalds…yea she’s never been there. It would have been more believable if she said “get mcnuggets.” How do you GET a Mcdonalds…does she just chow down on the whole store?

      • Jessica

        She’s English, they always say phrase things that way.

    • Lauren Lever

      It really isn’t that hard to believe that people that are ectomorphic/mesomorphic can eat fast food without gaining much weight. It is their body type, and it does not hurt that most models are in their 20′s. Life isn’t fair, y’all.

    • B

      Y’know she’s probably telling the truth, she goes to Mcdonalds and snaps pictures of her eating burgers to looks adorbs…then she picks up a bunch of laxatives.

      • Boo

        Joking about eating disorders = not usually funny?

    • jamiepeck

      She is making a Gollum face in this photo. That is all.

    • Jessica

      The quote about chicken wasn’t actually said by Cara, it was said by Jourdan Dunn during her youtube video ‘Well Dunn’ where’s she’s… chicken wings.

    • haily

      I TOTALLY agree with this. I absolutely detest how much emphasis is put into what foods a model puts into her mouth. Are we, the consumers of these food-obsessed interviewer’s product, really suppose to believe something along the lines of, “Well Cara eats burgers and is thin, so that means I can eat burgers and be thin!” We are not all that dim. Am I suppose to feel better after a week of religiously working out and eating nothing but kale and salmon that I still do not and will NEVER be as ideally slim as this woman who eats burgers and chicken wings?

      I admit, though, that I use to do the same thing as her. I use to go around guys, eating bacon sandwiches and drink beer because I assumed guys hated girls who only ate salad. But I threw it up, afterwards, in the privacy of the nearest restroom. And then my boyfriend told me he found it really off-putting that I ate so much, so that was the end of that.